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Mobius Final Fantasy – September Update Preview

Square Enix held a live stream last night which presented a wealth of information regarding the upcoming mega update happening on September 1st. 😀 A quick recap and gallery of screencaps from the video feed is after the break~!

Mobius Final Fantasy - September Update Summary
A summary of topics that was discussed.

  • Second/Last half of Chapter 3 will be released
  • New Familiars/Fairies
  • New daily region/exploration map
  • Card storage
  • Item Shop
  • New jobs
  • Awakened Auto Abilities
  • Gameplay recording
  • Double battle speed
  • New Mobius Gift Box perk(s)

I’m sorry about the quality of these screencaps. .__.

The only things I didn’t touch upon in the gallery were the gameplay recording option, card storage, and item shop.

For the gameplay recording, the project producer just briefly pointed out the recording options and showed how it worked as well as the landing page for the recorded videos. In the screenshot of the results from the Cockatrice battles, you can see the little inset in the top left showing the ceiling of the room they were holding the live stream from. That’s from a recording in progress. ^^ I’m not entirely sure why you’d want to record a video of yourself talking but the option is there.

The card storage seems to be an additional card box to put all cards that you’re not actively using or developing. I hope its default is 100 like what was shown in the video.

One thing I’m really unsure about is the Item Shop since I switched out of YouTube when they were talking about it. But from the update notices in-game, it says that you can buy Elixirs and other useful things with Magic Stones.

Personal thoughts about the upcoming update:

  • I’m stoked! It’s a pretty huge update with lots of new things! I’m particularly excited about the double (well, increased) speed option, card storage, and the new story chapter!
  • I’m not all that sold on the Awakened Auto Abilities bit due to it relying on randomness. 😡 How many cards will I have to waste to get something I want?
  • What is up with the new Dancer costume?
  • Definitely getting the Cook Tonberry the moment I log in once the new update goes live! It’s so adorable! ^-^ Wish I could get a matching outfit for Wal. XD
  • I’m kind of sad that I will most likely not have enough Magic Stones to purchase the Mobius Gift Box right away. 😦 Since gifts appear in the present box every 6 days, it’s ideal to buy it on the first day of the month. .___. I don’t really care about getting Full Auto though. I mostly want it for the card draw/summon tickets and other things it provides. 😛

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