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Mobius Final Fantasy – Battle Tower: Omega and Tumblr Posts

Mobius Final Fantasy - Omega stare down
It looks like Omega is looking ahead instead of down at Wal. ^^

Instead of reuploading a ton of screenshots and regurgitating things that I already posted at my Tumblr blog, I’m going to link to some of them. ^^

Now for more images from the Omega tower event~! ^^ Note: There are some spoiler images from the cutscene that plays after you reach the 50th floor.

One thing to note about the last bit of the ending cutscene: Echo is unsurprisingly all huffy and angry about what the witch did and as cliches go, Wal’s clueless about her reaction. 9__9 Great writing, guys. Well, even though I’m not really understanding much of anything plot-wise, I’m sure that there’s nothing wholly original in this game and the writing probably won’t win any awards either.

About the event itself: I mostly used the Thief that was evolved from the default newbie Ranger job and the Knight (the one that has its own job card, not evolved from the Onion Knight). Omega itself was rarely a problem but some of the enemies before it, such as one of the giant bombs, almost did me in once. The stupid monster blew up before I could knock it into Break status and it sent Wal’s HP into the red. =__= However, despite that, I didn’t have to use a Phoenix Down once!

This was a big step up from the Dahaka event where I had to pretty much keep resurrecting if I wanted to continue beyond floor 33. The fact that I have 2 nearly maxed out jobs that could use Earth cards contributed to the mostly smooth rise up this tower.

I’m not sure how much the Knight or Thief will help beyond floor 50 though because the Den of Chaos rules kick in where rental cards and using Phoenix Downs are prohibited. I’ve been renting Moogle and Artemis cards and knowing I won’t have the extra oomph they provide from now on is a little discouraging. :/

Still, I’ll give it a try and see how far I can go before I start keeling over. :3 I’m not all that excited at the prospect of ending up a bunch of Omega cards though. I’ve been trying so hard to save up to buy next month’s Mobius Gift Box but I have to keep using Magic Stones to expand the damn card box instead. 😡

Oh! Since I didn’t link to every Tumblr post from last week about Mobius FF, you can always check my Mobius Final Fantasy tag there. ^^ Some of the stuff might be under MobiusFF too since sometimes, I forget to add aforementioned tag to the Instagram posts that get auto-crossposted on my Tumblr blog. ._.;;

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