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Mobius Final Fantasy – A Week in Review

The past 7 days were full of accomplishments! 😀 They’re all personal achievements, of course, but that’s all I play for in any game anyway. I’m never out to impress anyone. (Not that I can.)

The above images pretty much show what happened this week.

  • Side Story Chapter 2 Hard Mode! I started it because I was in a “Why the heck not?” mood. It’s been going swell. I haven’t gone into the palace area yet so I have no idea how much harder this map gets. I’m sure I’ll get stuck at some point though. :E I always wonder if maxed out base jobs (i.e. the three you start off with) can complete Hard mode maps or get high rankings in events. I figure some players are buying continues (Phoenix Downs) to get to the top.
  • For completing the Fight de Chocobo event map: I went for it because I got bored of fighting Pagan Heads that kept shitting out class change material cards. I ended up using Phoenix Downs on two occasions — both against chocobos — because they were almost defeated anyway. Oh, I ran into 2 Gold Chocobos during one set of battles! :O I’m not going to bother hunting for more though so I’ll never max out the card. :3
  • I fought A LOT of Pagan Heads — farmed the shit out of them. In fact, I killed so many that I started using its damn evolve (a.k.a. class change) material card as regular fodder to boost or max out skill seeds on other Fire cards. I figure it’s just going to give me more anyway. Luckily, getting the last card to max out its ability didn’t take too long overall. I think I may have gotten 1 card with Revival Tickets along the way though. It’s kind of a foolish thing to do given that Pagan Heads are anything but rare but the same can’t be said about the Tickets (unless you’re always in the top 10 or whatever in weekly or event rankings).
  • Battle Tower Event with Dahaka! I have no recollection of this enemy even though I finished FFIX and FFXIII. But I don’t have much recollection of anything in either game. XD The last Battle Tower was with the Earth Adamantoise. I think I only made it up to floor 29 in that one. This time, my aim was get to and clear floor 30. I accomplished that so I pushed on … only to keel over twice on floor 31 and once on floor 33. 😛 All three instances were against the boss. Would be a shame if the enemies before it did me in. .___.
    There’s nothing really special about this boss other than it changing pairs of elements every five floors (or was it 10?) and also during battle. Tower-wise, it begins with a Fire and Water combination and then switches to Earth and Wind after a few floors. When fighting Dahaka, it will change element if you hit it with an opposing element such as hurling Fire at it when it’s in its Water mode. You can prolong the switch by using other elements though.
    Another thing it does is chuck Debarrier/Deprotect and Poison at you. At higher levels, the debuff and ailment can become deadly if not removed quickly. While a Cure can remove Posion, Debarrier can only be undone with the Barrier ability. If you don’t have the card, you can get around it by invoking any job-specific special attacks (必殺技) that trigger it such as the Warrior’s after unlocking the panel that gives you the buff. Similarly, if you have Barrier already in place, Debarrier will remove it.
  • Ah yes, Dahaka drops ability cards like any other enemy. One is a Fire-based Ranger class card and the other is a fodder card that can be used for levelling up skill seeds. As noted above in the gallery, I used some Revival Tickets to complete its ability because the bastard was stubborn and kept giving me the fodder card or, in some unfortunate cases, nothing. 😡
  • I returned to the second chapter of the story once I felt confident that I could do battles that were risk level 4 or higher. The biggest issue I had with the 2 remaining nodes with the chests was their description that stated that the enemies there were strong in multiple elements. To me, this meant that those large biped monsters were most likely the last enemies that I’d face in them and they always gave me trouble. :/ I think that did end up being the case but I survived the fights. Wooo~!
  • Completing the second chapter story map was worth it since it rewards you with 1 Crystal, 3 Revival Tickets, and 300 Magic Stones. *____* What’s strange is that the game never lets you select alternate routes during Coliseum battles. I’m not sure if it just locks you to whatever you chose the initial time you played it or everyone is stuck doing the left-most path. ^^ Regardless, completing all challenges in the Coliseum is mandatory in order to complete the chapter.
  • The screenshot of the chocobo chicks is just that. It’s not an accomplishment. ^^

Square Enix will be releasing the third chapter of the story in the beginning of August! I believe the update will also come tweaks and additions, most notably the option to choose Hard difficulty as an overall default. I’m going to stay far away from that since I think I’ll start dying left and right. XD But!! If doing so increases the difficulty of all the nodes that are currently risk 1  – 3 AND their stamina requirement remains the same then I might switch over for skill seed farming purposes. :B We’ll see how things work! ^^

Oh, to end this, I’m going to paste what I wrote over at my Tumblr blog last night:

– The tower event boss can be beat up over 100 times? I thought it just ends at floor 50. ^^ Such dedicated $$$ players! (They have maxed out advanced jobs and 4-star cards. How can they not be throwing money at the game? :E)

– Since I’m done with Pagan Head farming, I’m going to switch to hanging around the Hard mode maps. Some of the orange and red spots are getting tough though. 😡 I suppose I’ll grind easier battles. They’ll still give a butt load of skill seeds anyway.

– I have 2 more skills in the 3rd Ranger panel board before the upgrade to Thief and then I’m going to be goofy and use skill seeds toward upping my Hunter. I kind of want the Survivor. But that might change if I ever decide to check the details of the job at a wiki. XD. I can’t imagine it being worse than a Thief raised from a Ranger though.

– I got a few more panels for the Warrior skills to complete too. (They also belong to board 3.) Might do the same as the above and use seeds to develop the Knight job after. I’m just weird and like clearing the panels that require lower amounts of seeds first.

– Pretty sure I’m ignoring the Mage mostly for the slower attack animations. They annoy me. The upcoming update will supposedly change something about the last attack animation though? (He’ll no longer jump back or something?)

– I wonder when SquEnix will announce an English version? With all the time I’ve invested in the JP one so far, it’d be a shame to drop it. I’m not sure how long I can keep playing both versions though. ^^~

Guess that’s it for now.

7 thoughts on “Mobius Final Fantasy – A Week in Review

  1. Hi! English player were who knows no Japanese… Could you explain the like evo material cards a little. Also how do you get 4 star cards. 😀

    1. Sure thing! ^_^ Boss-type enemies like the Cockatrice, Adamantoise (the big water/blue one, not the mini one), Killer Mantis, Mind Flayer, all Lich types … basically, every large, towering enemies that you may encounter at the end of a set of battles drop a card other than their ability card. Those are the evolultion material cards.

      The exception are the large versions of those common, biped monsters with the horns.

      Ability cards that can evolve (I think only 2 star ones are the only ones that can for the time being) must have maxed out skill seeds and levels as well as the required evo cards before they can undergo a class change.

      Once you meet all the conditions, the card will be upgraded to a 3-star~! Its maximum level and ability level will increase. The skill seeds will also change and drop back down to 0, IIRC. :/

      Of course, getting card levels and their skill seeds back to their limit is easy with Cactuar cards. The difficulty is completing their abilities since you’ll need their 3-star types. I’ve yet to figure out if there’s an easier way other than farming the hell out of the monsters for their 2-star cards and evolving those. I’m quite certain Square Enix wouldn’t put players through such pain though because that is A LOT of cards. .___.

      As for 4-star cards, they’re currently only obtainable through gatcha/random draws. 😦

      1. Tysm! 😀 it’s impossible to find any guides or forums or anything about this game and your pictures and info and help… Well… helped a lot! Thank you c:

        1. :D! Glad to be of help! I actually write up random musings and thoughts on my Tumblr blog about the game. ^^ It just seems more of an appropriate platform for that than a WordPress blog to me. ^^ If you’re curious, you can check them out at 😀 (I tag all the posts with mobiusff so you don’t need to weed through all my reblogs and other stuff to find them. ^^)

  2. Where do you use the revival tickets? I think I have (I exange my familiar fairy ticket D: I didn’t know how I exange it)

    1. They can be obtained as login rewards, gifts from devs, treasures in chests, or bonuses from multi-card/bug summons during promotions. You can also sell cards you get from the gacha for some. I think maxed out cards give more tickets.

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