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Mobius Final Fantasy: Fight de Chocobo

Yes, I renamed my nickname to Wark!♪ :B I actually changed it a few days before the event started but it was indeed done in anticipation of it!

I was originally super excited at the thought of being able to obtain little chocobo familiars — and there are 2 available!! — but it turns out that the designers cranked up the annoyance notch a few times for this special event. I guess the PuPu one was deemed too easy?

In Fight de Chocobo, players have to move around the map in pursuit of the birds as they drop feathers that’ll unlock paths to treasures and also to the aforementioned familiars. The problem is that these damn chocobos will flee if you can’t defeat them fast enough. I found that the likelihood of them turning tail and dashing away is pretty high after the first Break/stagger. What’s more is that only rare Gold and Silver Chocobos have the Rainbow Feathers needed for access to the areas where the companions-to-be are located. These two types don’t show up very often but supposedly, the frequency of them popping up happens more in areas of greater difficulty. I’m guessing this means the northwest part of the map since it’s completely coded in red for me. And red is a total no-go for any of my job set-ups. 😦

Update on July 18th: Thanks to Skyppai’s post, I now know that we’re supposed to heal the chocobos whenever notices appear on the screen. ^^~ The battles end up being long but it doesn’t matter because I need those feathers! Incidentally, it turns out that even regular chocobos drop Rainbow Feathers! :O (I got one from a Red Chocobo.) As of this update, I have 15 Rainbow Feathers. I probably would have unlocked the route by now if I played the event for the entire week but I stopped for 2 days. ^^

I didn’t mention it before in my initial post about the game because I was just starting out but each node on the map has a colour which acts as an indicator of risk levels~! Here is an explanation of map node colours:

  • Blue = risk level 1 a.k.a. you can most likely auto-battle (re: let the game AI fight in your stead) through every fight without worry of failing any of them.
  • Green = risk level 2 a.k.a. a comfy difficulty! Auto-Battle can probably be used too.
  • Yellow = risk level 3 a.k.a. Ruh oh! Time to stop letting the AI do battles and manually fight because there’s a chance enemies might actually hurt you to the point that health may need to be restored at some point.
  • Orange = risk level 4 a.k.a. Whoa, you really should consider having a Cure card handy. Tougher enemies, such as the ones that are 3-star card drops and can drop class change materials, or certain enemy group configurations in general CAN kill you if you’re not keeping your HP up.
  • Red = risk level 5 a.k.a. Maximum danger!!! Only daredevils should try these. I’m too much of a wimp to attempt them since battles in orange areas can be brutal. I note them as “can be” because there are a few where they aren’t too bad because the enemies aren’t that difficult to deal with.

It’s a good thing the event lasts until August 8th because I think I’m going to be spending time beefing up jobs and cards in hopes of getting them strong enough to take down these feathery beasts before they escape.

An aside not related to the event: I spam the hell out of Instagram with screenshots from the game. There are descriptions too! Check it out! XD If you have questions about the game or just want to talk about it, feel free to comment here or there. Do be aware that I only have limited knowledge in Japanese so I can’t explain the story or translate dialogue. ^^ I’m really hoping that Square Enix will announce Mobius’ localization soon. *___*

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