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Implosion – Giving up on Grammar

I’m posting the review I submitted to iTunes here since I have a feeling it’ll be buried under a bunch of pointless comments that have 5 stars attached to them. Bonus!!!: I’ve included screenshots in this WordPress version. XD

Implosion - Forgetting Commas
Implosion – Forgetting Commas
Screencap is from version 1.0.4.

Or maybe it should Implosion – Comma Splice Saga?

I can see it now — you’re rolling your eyes and groaning that there’s some grammar-loving freak nitpicking sentences in a mobile game. But hey, maybe I AM a little crazy because it’s my belief that a great game doesn’t solely revolve around eyecandy, cinematic scores, or fun gameplay mechanics. Of course, plot and characters are part of the package too but so is the written text that appears on the screen. Unless there’s some parody or satire going on that I’m oblivious to, it’s expected that basic grammatical rules are followed, yes?

Implosion - Grammar Has Left the Building
Implosion – Grammar Has Left the Building
3 errors in this one! No comma is found after Well, Earth is not treated as a proper noun, and a comma was used in place of a period. Screencap is from version 1.0.4.

I must admit that I’m not an English major but I believe I have enough understanding of the language to see common grammatical mistakes. It pains me to point out that Implosion – Never Lose Hope is littered with them. An example is the ever-changing spelling of XADA which appears as xada or Xada regardless of where the word appears in a sentence. Commas are missing all over, especially in almost every sentence that contains a proper noun.

Implosion - We're Not Sure How Many Capitals are in XADA
Implosion – We’re Not Sure How Many Capitals are in XADA
I didn’t take snapshots of the other scenes but XADA has also been spelled as Xada and xada regardless of where the word was in a sentence. I’m assuming the all caps version is the correct spelling. Screencap is from version 1.0.4.

I could very well be oversensitive but come on, for something that’s touted as being an AAA-like title, I expected better than this. In fact, it just goes to show that Rayark aren’t as serious about the game as they should be. If they were, then all dialogue and descriptions would have been proofread by a competent editor.

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