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[Terra Battle] Mini Tips 2 and more babbles! XD

Can’t stop talking about this game but I will eventually. :B

I’m also not doing any more tweet dumps because I have to manually copy and paste them and fix links and such. Too much work. If you ever want to see my random TB tweets and lots of other crap, follow :D!

I also upload screencaps from the game like a mofo at :3

Now onto the meat! ^-^

I have more, possibly useless or common sense tips!

  • When enemies appear in between your characters which are already set up to do pincer/flank attacks, you DO NOT need to move one of your units to a different square. Simply touch the unit, move it up/down or left/right and then put it back in the same spot to complete your turn.
  • Always stick to Metal Zones meant for certain level ranges. For example, don’t bring a level 18 character into a Metal Zone 2 unless you have multiple level 20+ characters that need levelling as well. This is because enemies only have 1 turn limit which means that if you have the uncanny ability to only position your characters to attack 1 enemy, you won’t get another turn to nab its friends. 😦 Level 1 – 19 characters will really benefit the most in Metal Zone 1!
  • Obtain the most EXP you can in Metal Zones by ensuring that the difficulty level is at its highest. Bring a party of high level characters so it forces the battle difficulty to be at its maximum level. For example, Metal Zone 1’s highest level is 19 so compile a party of level 19+ characters along with the ones that need levelling.
  • Chain as many characters into an attack for skill boosts. Bahamut is one character that could really use this sort of set up since its skill and the character itself levels at an abysmal rate so give it as many chances to attack as possible! Remember that mage characters linked with attacking units can hit the enemy even if they’re all the way on the other side of the board.
  • Gold Runners die in one hit from magic attacks. This tip was found at
  • Level at these stages if you don’t want to wait for Metal Zones or use up lots of stamina in one go. The official Terra Battle Wikia page lists a variety of places that can be used for power levelling. Please note that the EXP yield is based on optimal chaining so if you can’t pick off all enemies that appear in a stage in one turn, you won’t see the results listed on that page.
  • Move the Power Point far away from the Gigaworm. This is about the boss fight in Chapter 11, stage 10. More likely than not, its Thunderstorm will deal massive amounts of damage to the party. If you’re unlucky enough not to have a healer or trigger his or her healing abilities in between Thunderstorm attacks, there’s a high probably you will lose the battle. But there is something that can be done! It’s been noted that the boss can only move a fixed distance so if you move it out of its range, it won’t be able to use the skill. This is useful if you find yourself in this situation:
    Terra Battle - Chapter 10, Stage 11 boss
    Yeah, flanking isn’t going to happen here …

    See it in action here: 

Now for regular babbles! 😀

I’ve unlocked a few more 2nd and 3rd jobs since my last tweet dump thanks to the wonderful Hunting Zones. Czekras’ 2nd job has a great design! His skills aren’t that bad either. :3

Terra Battle - Czekras the Swift
Cool design. Too bad he loses the helm in the 3rd job. 😡

The official Terra Battle Facebook page has a screenshot contest going on called Gather Your Allies where you can “win a unique code for a powerful special character”. Since it’s noted that anyone that’s redeemed the character code from a recent issue of Famitsu isn’t eligible to get the code, it’s obvious the character is Ethereal.

Terra Battle - Ethereal
An A class character with beefy stats but only 1 job? Bleh.

I nabbed her/it yesterday since I figure my luck in winning contests were always pretty dismal and $1.90 Canadian for a character sure is cheaper than spending money to buy 6 Energy for a draw if she were available in a Pact of Truth. (Let’s ignore the fact that you can save up free Energy. XD)

Honestly, I did this on a whim but I do wish I read up on Ethereal a bit more since I’m not sure I’ll be using this character much. She’s probably a great addition for anyone teams that are filled with C – A-class characters though and her final stats at level 70 are pretty good for a single job character.

Edit: My inventory as of the afternoon on October 30th :3

Terra Battle items stock
Still trying to get those rares!!

The game trolling me hard in Metal Zone 2.

Terra Battle - Metal Zone trolling
Seriously? >_>

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