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[Terra Battle] Adventures with Bahamut

Terra Battle - Bahamut Event
Way overlevelled. 😀

I participated in the event to grab myself a Bahamut today. It was a rather easy dungeon with a party that averaged level 30. XD And while I anticipated the Bahamut drop rate to be low, I was hoping I wouldn’t have play the through dungeon 5 times before I finally got him. (I mean, it’s 10 freakin’ stages!)  Some people are in excess of 10 times and still haven’t got the creature. 😦 I do have to admit that I’ve been fairly lucky with Terra Battle’s RNG (random number generator) since I recruited a few S and SS class characters already without any special tinkering.

Unfortunately, since I went in with a beefy group, I don’t have any sort of survival tips. The only real danger I encountered was the dragon’s Meteor attack which is a board-wide skill meaning that your characters will get hit no matter where they are. He also has single column and row-spanning fire attacks so keep a healer or someone that can use regeneration handy if you have one.

Terra Battle - Bahamut in space! XD
Here be a dragon thing~

I’m kind of disappointed that there was only one difficulty level for this event dungeon. It was nice being able to breeze through all 10 stages but I would have like to see how terrible things would have gone if it were a level 30 dungeon with a level 40 Bahamut. If I really wanted to, I suppose I can experience this by sending in my sub-level 30 C Class characters. XD XD (Oh, apparently, there will be more difficult Bahamut dungeons later? See link at the bottom of this post regarding why I ask this. ^^)

Anyway, I was eager to level up this new special character so I swapped him into my active party along with some other characters that needed levelling and headed to this dreadful place. It was a random selection on my part and a terrible selection it was:

Terra Battle - Lullaby Time!
Pro tip: Bring someone that can wake up fellow team mates. (I think this was Ch 8-4. For sure it was some stage between 4 and 6. ^^)

While the Mech Orblings don’t damage your characters in any way, it’s insanely annoying when they manage to put EVERYONE to sleep … which happened to me. 😛 I think that caused me to skip about 3 or 4 turns before someone woke up.

After that crappy experience (which only managed to bring Bahamut’s level up by 1 :P), I went to Metal Zone 1 for a bit. The result was MUCH better.

Terra Battle - Thanks, Metal Zone 1!
Raising them levels.

Then I had the bright idea to try Metal Zone 2. My party was a bit different since I want to use characters that could stand for some levelling. Again, another bad mistake. 😛 I was able to get over 100K of EXP easily in Zone 1 but it was not the case in Zone 2! With the exception of 2 characters, no one else was able to kill enemies in one round. Of course, enemies had a turn counter of 1 so they fled afterwards. 9__9 I don’t believe I got anywhere near 100K in each of the runs I did.

Terra Battle - Bahamut's skills
Bahamut’s skills~

Now, about Bahamut himself — he is a bit of a pain to level and his skill boost is piddly even if you manage to get a duplicate of him from replaying the dungeon. This is why I’m doing Metal Zone runs as opposed to farming the hell out of story chapters even though I sure could use coins right now. People are hoping that the possible higher difficulty dungeons will grant a greater boost.

Since I’m a bit of a casual player, I’m not the type to analyze the usefulness and worth of a character by comparing them to other ones. Due to this, I have no idea how well my party will benefit with Bahamut being a part of the team; I just go with the flow~! XD One thing to note about why I’m putting some time into building this fellow is that he’s my sole offensive “named” mage I have at the moment. 😡 I’m sure he’ll be of some use in ice heavy dungeons and Pudding Time, and I’m already seeing his 3 x 3 area attack as being a good thing to have.

You can see more discussion about the event and the character itself here:

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