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Terra Battle Mini Tips

I’m probably the last person playing Terra Battle that should put together a post under the guise of it being about tips because I honestly believe I’m not all that great at the game. (There are also forums out there for this sort of stuff like XD)  But I figure that any mention of the game at my blog shouldn’t simply be a collection of tweets with little context.

Anyway, some of this is probably no brainer information but I’m still including it in case someone does need it. Also, I apologize ahead of time for mentioning ONLY Chapter 11. It’s the chapter I’m currently on and I have a horrible memory and don’t recall the earlier ones much. ^^;;;

  • Understand the rock-paper-scissors system of both attributes and weapons. This is important because while you can level up your characters and plow your way through the first 6 or so chapters through stats alone, the game grows increasingly more difficult and Metal Zone farming will only get you so far. For example, Chapter 11 has you fighting level 35+ enemies and Metal Zone 3 doesn’t open until after Chapter 12. 😛 Granted, the recommended levels in Ch 11 stages are in the high 20’s, but if you’re just randomly throwing together a team of your favourite characters, you might just end up having a difficult time because the weapon & attributes of enemies trump yours.
  • Before starting a stage, review the Tactical Info box above the Start Battle button and adjust your team accordingly to minimize the chances of giving the enemy an advantage. If the info is informing you that 9 archer type enemies will be popping up on the battlefield, try not to bring a party comprising mostly of spear users. If you have no choice then consider hanging back and levelling them a bit. You’ll even get coins from doing this which means a visit to the Tavern to recruit new folks may be a good idea as well.
  • Consider taking a chance and spending some Stamina on the Pact of Truth at the Tavern. After completing an entire chapter, you will receive 1 Stamina. The game may also provide you with Stamina as login bonuses! Of course, you can also purchase some at the Shop as well. Regardless of how you obtain it, you have a chance of receiving B to SS class “named” characters when recruiting through the Pact of Truth! These particular individuals generally have higher stats and the ability to change jobs.
  • My opinion: Change jobs if the game is putting up a fight. Certain skills unlock at certain levels and all 3 job types have different skills. As you pump up the character’s new job, the new skills will unlock and you can attach them to another job. On top of this (and as far as I know), their stats get better the “higher” the job so job 3 stats dwarf  the ones from job 2 and job 2 stats are stronger than job 1. The only problem is, when you switch a character to a new job, he/she starts from the bottom at level 1 so at some point in time, you’re probably going to have to spend some quality time with Metal Zone 1 again (or you can always bring the low level character as fodder on a higher level stage since they’ll gain EXP even if he or she dies. Not that I actually recommend this unless the remaining party members can stay alive and wipe out everything on the board without issue). And yes, you’ll need materials before you can even add a job.
  • Visit the Hunting Zone everyday! has a list and some tips for the daily dungeons. You’ll obtain much-needed items for jobs from each hunting zone! Please note that Saturday and Sunday dungeons only yield coins and there is no Hunting Zone open on Mondays.

    Terra Battle - I love Tin Parade 2! I can actually get rares from it!
    I love Tin Parade 2! I can actually get rares from it! I wonder which job to add?
  • Metal Zones are the key to levelling up. They’re there to cut down on the immense amount of grinding you’d otherwise need to put up with just to beef up your party members. It may just be me but I find that it’s really difficult to level up characters simply by going through chapters once they reach level 10. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I was mostly overlevelled compared to the recommended level for a stage. XD But even then, bringing a character that was about 10 levels lower than the party average never really yielded as much experience as I feel that it should have. So to remedy the puny EXP gains from story chapters, there are Metal Zones that contain monsters that’ll provide you with lots of experience points! As of this writing, the game has yet to implement a notification system that’ll tell you when a Metal Zone is open. 😦 However, fans have put this together: Incidentally, there’s also a Metal Zone in the Arena but that one requires Metal Tickets to enter and for now, it seems to only cater to characters under level 20; basically, it’s just like Metal Zone 1.
    If you want to conserve stamina and go the normal route, this thread over at the Terra Battle Forum has some tips!
  • Don’t ignore C Class fighters. (This is especially true if you’re having a rough time getting A to SS class characters from the Tavern.) They may possess invaluable skills! For example, the Mech Orbling can give you any extra time you need to deal with Runners with its Sleeping Gas skill. It has an 100% activation rate and it will always put a Runner to sleep. Sadly, the other enemies in a Metal Zone seem immune to its special skill. 😛 Oh yes, depending on your play style, that Rise and Shine skill could very well be useful in the later stages of Chapter 11 because there are heinous enemies that can and will cause your entire party to fall asleep. In such a case, the game will forfeit your turn until at least 1 character awakens. It’s very annoying. >:E

    Terra Battle - Mech Orbling
    It’s a helpful little bot in Metal Zones~
  • Don’t feel pressured to defeat every single enemy in a Zone. Whether it’s a Metal or Hunting Zone, your goal is to survive to defeat as many enemies as you possible can. Such is the case in the Hunting Zone known as Puppet Show where you only have 12 seconds total to make your moves so quick, short moves are vital!

    Terra Battle - Last Stage of Puppet Show
    I ignored the Papa Puppet in favour of taking out enemies around it for more items. XD
  • Reinforce your attackers as much as you can. Aside from utilizing the rock-paper-scissors cycle, another key component to winning in Terra Battle is setting up your characters in ways that’ll allow several or all of them to fight in one turn. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be in squares immediately next to each other. As long as they’re in the same row or column and not obstructed by a trap or enemy, they can link with the team mate that’s flanking an opponent and provide support! I actually find this is one of the main ways of defeating certain enemies in Chapter 11. :\ Also, the more chances a character has to use his or her skill, the greater the chance he/she’ll get a skill boost~! And lord knows skill boosts are needed for any skills with 20% or 30% activation. :E
  • Consult resources and interact with other fans! So far, I’m only doing the first. XD Anyway, here are some useful sites for this great game:

If you know of any other sites, please comment below!

Edit: I joined the forum anyway because I want to talk to other fans of the game. :B

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