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Terra Battle Tweet Dump 2!

Terra Battle - I love Tin Parade 2! I can actually get rares from it!
I love Tin Parade 2! I can actually get rares from it! I wonder which job to add?

Let’s see how long I can keep this up. XD As usual, anything in brackets are corrections or additional comments.

I’ll continue to add to this post until this Friday. 😀 You can always follow me at too. ^_~ Of course, I tweet about a lot of other things as well.


October 21st

Did some Pudding Time 2 and Metal Zone 2 runs today. Meh.

I have so many rings. =_= I no longer love Pudding Time. [Actually, it was Tin Parade 2 that I loved. XD]

Terra Battle tag on Twitter consists of nothing but retweets of the same fucking review articles.

Stupid retweet bots.

RT @terra_battle_en: We added both the 400K and 500K milestone characters. Tweet your pics of Jaguna, Maralme, or Velraine if you’ve pulled them!

RT @terra_battle_en: They are available now at both the “Pact of Truth” and the “Pact of Fellowship” in the Tavern!

Not the best designs. Disappointed, actually.

Wow. I totally dropped Grace’s 1st job. ^^ It’s at level 22 while job 2 is level 30. Go me.

I have no focus in job levelling. I keep prioritizing stats over skills. Job 2 stats > job 1 stats at same level.

But new skills unlock at level 35! HNNNNRRHGHGHGH

October 22nd

Never stop drawing. ToT~~~ RT : rough sketch by Fujisaka-San.

Never change, Tin Parade 2. Been lucky this morning and get…

Time for more Tin Parade! 😀 [I encountered a bit of a drought in terms of rare items this time around. :(]

Yay! Defeated Chapter 11-5 boss without losing any characters!

I’m beginning to really hate this chapter.

Enemies can hit you from anywhere on the board. They also have attacks that span entire rows and columns.

Ch 11-6 has asshole robots that can put multiple characters to sleep. Made me skip 2 turns cuz EVERYONE was out.

3 candidates now!

October 23rd

Ooh. Bahamut battles start at 1 AM EDT?

The gameplay’s so fun that I’d be content just doing Hunting Zones forever.

Wish there were a paid, offline version of the game. :V Only thing that irks me is the stamina/wait system.

So many choices! I should take a poll at the #TerraBattle forums~

Wasted 20 Stamina on this damn stage. Still can’t beat it.

 This is the first boss that has me stumped. :V I’m not always in a position to move the P.Point.

Meant to say to move the power point to a spot where I can use it. I’m having enough trouble pushing charas to flank the thing.

I wonder if I’m bringing the right elements with me right now?

Why the chapter 11-10 boss sucks. (Not my vid)

 But see, I have the exact same problem as that player where I can’t move anyone close to the fucker & use the P. Point.

I just realized his party was mage heavy. @____@

I opted to unlock his 3rd job first. Those extra 2 seconds for…

October 24th

Way overlevelled. XD The party went through enemies like…

Why, hello there. #TerraBattle #iOS #Android #Bahamut #mobilegames #ItOnlyTook5Tries

Terra Battle Forum is a busy place. X____x

Apparently, Bahamut is a pain to level cuz his EXP curve is steeper than other charas in the same class. :V

Even getting a duplicate of him doesn’t boost him all that much. Poop. Wait. Is it even a male?

In FF, Bahamut is the king of dragons but dunno what this chara’s backstory is.

Curious how the console version of Terra Battle

Please make it for the PS Vita. 3DS would be all right too.

But the Vita will do much more justice to the beautiful artworks in the game!!

There’s an exploit of sorts for #TerraBattle where you can constantly use the same data file over and over to increase the (cont)

chances of getting certain items and chara drops. I take it people do this to conserve Stamina. :V

Curse me and my decision to play the game normally.

The narrative text is SO much nicer in Japanese! *__*

Oh, come ON. This video was of no help at all! the player got so damn lucky with the P. Point spawns.

I guess much of ch 11-10 is based on luck and just how far your characters are from the point and boss. Ugh.

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