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Terra Battle Tweet Dump 1

Koko from Terra Battle
Koko from Terra Battle

Since I tweet hardcore about Terra Battle on Twitter, I decided to put them here as well. XD (It’s an excuse for a post, yes. :3)

I’ve put the tweets back in chronological order from oldest to newest so they don’t read all strange. ^^ While I’ve removed dates and time stamps, some of the hashtags still remain. Anything in brackets are corrections or additional notes.

Edit: I’m still adding to today’s (Oct 20th) section.

October 9th

Terra Battle’s finally out too. Whee.

#TerraBattle is fun but trying to max out combos fries my brain. XD

#TerraBattle is fun! Too bad I’m crap at chaining attacks for EXP bonuses. :B

Hope to replace the 3 generic units one day. Not sure how often the game will award energy though. 😦

Those stick legs

I wish it would show the artist’s name. 😡

The AI needs to be fixed. Enemies tend to sit around and attack empty spots like this. :/ #TerraBattle…

Not that I want the AI to be super aggressive but it’s silly to attack air.

Been doing the Metal dungeon. The enemies are tricky since some of them avoid your characters and run away. The boss (seen in the top frame) flees as well but I managed to take it out. It gave ~26,000 EXP! :0 Would have gotten more than 101777 EXP if I caught more of the flimsy, paper-looking enemies

RT @terra_battle_en: As more people enjoy #terrabattle it gets even better! 100K DL = new music by Nobuo Uematsu. Click here for details: h…

New music = YES, PLEASE. I’ve already muted the BGM. 😛 Hoping for something less annoying soon.
[I also loathe the menu BGM]

Been doing the Metal dungeon. The enemies are tricky since…

Just recruited this guy. He’s known as Metupí the Muscular. ^^


October 10th

Wish chapter 4 wasn’t 10 stages. Then again, I play so slowly. XD

Finished chapter 4~!

Job change! ٩꒰ಂ❛ ▿❛ಂ꒱۶♡ She starts at level 1 though. ꒰…
[Mangled emotes don’t look messed up if viewed through an iOS device. ^^]

#TerraBattle New premium recruit! That outfit reminds me a bit of Ashley’s from Vagrant Story. :B #iOS…

Goddamn Metal Zone. Open up already! I have some low-level characters to beef up!

Yay. Metal Zone 1 farming. Man, it’s hard to defeat the boss with this wimpy group. ^^

Goddamn Runners. Only managed to take out one of them. XD


October 11th

Uematsu’s tunes aren’t bad. #TerraBattle The BGM in the Hunting Zone’s kinda upbeat tho.

Today’s Hu[n]ting Zone is a coin dungeon in #TerraBattle Like I need tons of money right now. :B

I’ll start crying for money when I get enough items to unlock new jobs for my B – SS-Class charas.

Intrigued at what collaborations #TerraBattle would have. Love to see The Last Story charas in it! (人゚∀゚*)

Zael’s fan club as a special stage! XD #TerraBattle #TheLastStory #Wii #ScreamingGirls

Someone posted a schedule for Metal Zones on Facebook~ (人゚∀゚*)

This enemy!! (#`・ω・) I want a remote attack skill too!

Need that second Metal Zone now. 😦


October 12th

Well. Fuck. That was the first time I failed a Metal Zone. Guess I can hurl in a higher level character to see how dreadful it gets.

My rag tag team of rank C monsters I’m trying to build up with the Mech Orbling is terrible.

They are weaklings so they [die] quickly. Threw in a level 15+ mage which made things easier.

I may have more luck levelling the Orbling by doing the recruitment draw instead. 😛

So the level 5 Orbling has a long way to go. ^^ Most of the time, I just shrug at Runners.

Guess I’ll try the coin dungeon in a bit then.

Honestly, I have no real reason to level it other than to use it against the Runners. Thing is, my main team is level 20+

Kind of sucks that Metal Zone 2 opens after Chapter 8. Chapter 6 is all right so far but I have a feeling 7 will be tough.

Wish I didn’t suck at strategy games. :B

I just hate failing/losing a stage because they cost 7 stamina now. Zones cost 10 so it hurts. 😦

Wait time isn’t too horrible at least but once the Stamina quantity gets to 50+, it’ll probably feel long. :V

Samupí the Handsome. #Nope #NotHandsome


October 13th

#TerraBattle is going through milestones like water. I guess that’s what happens when you aim low. Not complaining though.

Are the new music and art already in the game but just need to be “turned on”? Kind of like “in-game DLC” some devs make ppl pay for?

Blargh. Next Metal Zone 1 opens at 7 PM EST. It has the King. 😦 #NotElvis

Hmm. I do believe that unfortunate failure in a Metal Zone attempt was the first time I got game over.

The one thing I’m bad at is defeating enemies in the least amount of turns. :/

RT @terra_battle_en: Good morning w/ Sketch de Fujisaka. (sakaguchi)

Gorgeous line art! I’d love to see more!! #LastRt

Wut. The king appeared even though “All Hail the King” wasn’t shown on the map. Defeated it though.

Reluctant to do another round of the Metal Zone because I think most of my units will end up at level 20. :/

Ugh. Had to give up on Ch 7-10. That last battle is evil. 😡 I guess I should stop being afraid of the traps. ^^

Whew. Beat it on the 2nd try. ^^~ Now to suffer through Chapter 8. XD

Just submitted a review to the iTunes store for #TerraBattle. Let’s see if it gets posted. 😛

Dur. Lost 2 characters during the last battle in 8-5 due to a dumb error. :B

I anticipate losing units a lot more now though. Sigh. #TerraBattle #iOS #Android #mobilegames

😀 Gotta stock up on low level charas before doing another Metal run though

Zone 2: Tue, 1AM; Tue, 7AM; Tue, 9AM Guess I’ll try for the 9 AM one. :B

Metal Zone 2 get! #iOS #Android #mobilegames


October 14th

Oh, I caught the 7 AM Metal Zone 2. Did 2 rounds of that. Then I tried the Pudding Time. Got nothing but rings. 😡

Apparently, higher zones have a better chance of rare drops so I guess I’ll work on beefing up my elemental characters.

Geezus. Almost failed 9-3 due to a really dumb mistake while trying to take out 1 of the bosses.

I should record a series of my gameplays and name it “How NOT to play #TerraBattle” :B

#TerraBattle prediction: The party will never encounter the Maker

I sure hope it’ll be easier to get these items at higher levels. 😡

Just got those Sea Tears from 9-6. 😡 Curse these rare drops!

Oog. 9-10 is next. This chapter’s been kind of a wild ride so far. ^^ Stupid magma spewing enemies.

…. I think the boss just fucked me over.

Oh. Whew. Overthinking had me panicking a bit. It’s all right. I won! XD

Lost 3 characters in the process but having only 3 left made movements much easier. ^^

Pudding Time 2, here I come!

UUUGGGH. 13 goddamn chests and I STILL only got a bunch of fucking rings. 😡


October 15th

Woo! More Energy! *immediately uses it at the Tavern*

The Beat Master! #PactofTruth Not even an A-class draw. 😦

Wow. They’re not kidding when they say bringing folks with levels higher than the level range of a Hunting Zone nets you puny treasures!

I never did Tin Parade and wanted to try it out so I took my level 20+ party into the first Hunting Zone. XD

Got 2 items even after taking out about 10+ enemies. XD XD XD

Tin Parade 2! Let’s see if I can keep everyone alive in this!

Well, that was fast. Already lost 1 character in the first stage. :B

Fucking enemies are mostly hugging the walls and my charas aren’t positioned in a way where I can easily move them in to flank them. 😡

OH, FUCKING YES! Got a bunch of rares! FINALLY!

RT @terra_battle_en: Hideo Minaba’s character, Sheena, is now at the tavern! Recruit her via the Pact of Fellowship or the Pact of Truth!

#TerraBattle continues to showcase gorgeous artworks! *___*

I managed to to secure 20 chests during a Tin Parade 2 run. Am pleasantly surprised to… Here be loot.

Oh joy. Ran into the Tin King this time.

Ooh. Defeated it without losing anyone. Yay~ Got no spoil from it though. Boo.

Getting close to unlocking ONE job. 😛 #TerraBattle #iOS #Android #mobilegames #GottaChoose

Another great run. I love Tin Parade 2! #TerraBattle #iOS #Android #mobilegames Soon, I have to decide from 3 jobs

I wonder if it’s worth it to up Kuscah now or wait until a bit later? I don’t have enough resources to add more than 1 job. 😦 Dude’s got a Heal All that unlocks at level 15! That sounds pretty useful!

… Looks like they got lazy on the artwork between jobs 2 and 3. 😛

Blargh. I don’t like Koko’s Job 2/3 artwork. 😦

*makes her stay on Job 1 forever*


October 16th

I think I’ll unlock Kuscah’s second job. 😀 #TerraBattle #iOS #Android #mobilegames

Again, I must choose. :/ #TerraBattle #iOS #Android #mobilegames But perhaps I should focus on…

RT @terra_battle_en: rough sketch DE Fujisaka-san.


October 17th

RT @terra_battle_en: In anticipation of hitting the next milestone, we began developing co-op mode, but my team needs a bit more time. (sakaguchi)

RT @terra_battle_en: Takuto, the main programmer for The Last Story, has joined my team, so that will help speed things up! (sakaguchi)

OMG!!!!! Co-op mode!! ヾ(0∀0*★)゚*・.。 #LastRt

I suppose this means they’ll unlock the Friends option too??

Join my team and let’s be friends, dammit!

Too many archers on my party, I know. XD But the point of this post is the…

Although Kuscah’s Heal All only works 30% of the time, it’s pretty useful in a pinch!

Kuscah’s job 2 is level 18 and I brought him into ch9-9. He hardly gained any EXP. 😦

I’m wondering if almost everyone over the stage’s recommended level lowers EXP gained? D:

Had to suffer through 3 cycles of Turn Back Time before I defeated it.(; ̄д ̄)

Wanted to tag that with #NotChronoCross too XD

#TerraBattle Ooh! Her skills seem useful~! Time to spend some quality time with Metal Zone 1 again.…

Ha. The enemy level was 12 in the Metal Zone. I need to learn to position my charas for HARDCORE TEAMWORK next time.

(It took 2 rounds each time to kill enemies. :P)

How can people play #TerraBattle at its default speed? It’s dreadfully slow. ._________.~


October 18th

#TerraBattle Wish she looked like the mangaka’s usual female characters. Oh well.

I need to stop doing those Pact of Truth pulls. I have too many characters to level as it is. 😛

RT @terra_battle_en: good morning w/ sketch de Fujisaka. (sakaguchi)

Kimihiko Fujisaka’s artwork is always so lovely! Love the sketches. *____*

Buh. Chapter 11’s tricky for my party. May have to buff up some other characters. :/

Really hate it when almost every stage has mostly Runners. May have to bring that sleep inducing bot again.


October 19th

Okei. Last battle of Ch 11-5 is brutal. Paralysis + fucking enemies dealing massive damage through remote attacks.

Didn’t help my healer was killed off early on cuz the enemy AI is smarter now and will gang up on your units. 😛

Back to #TerraBattle — chapter 11 battles seem kind of buggy sometimes. I have my party members flanking enemies but it skips my turn???

Like for this, 2 attacks from my side should happen. IT DID NOT.

Ko[ko] ended up surviving though because my group got in hits afterward. I was freaking out and screaming at the tablet though. 😛

Anyway, it happened again in Ch 11-4. Dunno what’s up but it’s severely annoying. :/

I thought it was an enemy ability but nothing among their skills stated that they can void turns.

Paralysis already does that in a way. Don’t need a freezing skill to affect the ENTIRE board. 😛

Metal Zone 2 opens again at 2 AM. Splendid. ( ̄。 ̄)

But there’s 8 AM, 3 PM, and 6 PM too! :B

Ah! The turn skipping issue!! The characters were paralyzed so even with flanking, they wouldn’t attack.

If there’s one thing I don’t like about #TerraBattle is that the only way to level up at a decent pace is via Metal Zones.

So grinding stages is useless so you have to wait around until a zone opens up. What’s weird is that Ch 11 enemies are mid to (cont)

high level 30 but Metal Zone 2 maxes at level 29. Are we supposed to have unlocked all job 2’s before proceeding?

Because it sure seems like in order to survive, you need to switch over and beef up Job 2. 😡

Of course, I could just pray that my charas are positioned after a turn in spots that can take out the fucking missile shooters quickly.

Because them + smartass AI sandwiching characters & hitting them 3 times during their turn is murdering me.

I was greatly enjoying the fact that I didn’t have to grind. Curse this roadblock. 😛

I’m probably going to hold off continuing the chapter and grind for materials to add jobs THEN throw those people into M. Zones.


October 20th

Oh yeah, I switched the cat king guy over to his 2nd job and levelled him up a bit already.

Tomorrow will be Hunting Zone grindfest where I’ll probably get a fuck ton of rings that I don’t need to use just yet.

Hoping for lots of rares but totally not holding my breath for them. Weds & Thurs are best cuz they have drops needed to get Job 2.

I just fucked up one round in a Metal Zone 2 run. Flanked 3 monsters; couldn’t kill any of them.

Grinding Chapter 11 a little since there’s nothing else to do until next Metal Zone.

Er, meant next time M Zone 2 opens. Forgot the enemies are complete assholes.

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