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[Tiny Farm] 3rd Anniversary Celebration Sheep Event

Sheep chart for 3rd anniversary event~!
Sheep chart for 3rd anniversary event~!

Sorry if this post shows up strange. I’m posting through the iOS WordPress app. Anyway, I completed the event already since I own all the sheep so I nabbed this screencap that shows a completed chart~! The heart between sheep indicates which sheep to breed to get the ones in the next generation.

I’m not sure 2 weeks will be enough for those that weren’t around for all the types of sheep that were part of special events because getting the 2nd and 3rd tiers all filled requires a ton of hearts and gold. I suppose it’s one way to get players to buy gold and Bells. :B

Oh, here’s the cutie lamb for all your troubles~!

Baby Lamb!
Baby Lamb!

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