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List of Favourite Final Fantasy Tunes. Just because.

I’ve been playing Theatrhythm iOS and had a Quest Medley stage with KUON – Memories of Waves and Light. It’s a tune from FFX-2, a game I’ve never played before. Likewise, the only music track I know from that soundtrack is Real Emotion. 😛 And wow, I’m in love with it. It’s just so relaxing and beautiful. Take a listen!

It’s rare that I will come across a piece that I immediately like just from a first listen but this is one of them. Of course, everyone’s opinion differs. I would imagine some folks finding it way too boring to listen to since it’s new age. ^^

Anyway, after sharing that video on Facebook and YouTube, I started blabbing about different FF tracks I like so instead of bombarding my friends’ and followers’ feeds with serial updates, I’ll just list all my faves here in one post. XD

These are listed in no particular order~! This isn’t all the ones I like but it’s the bulk of it. I think. ^^; I may periodically update this. XD

J-E-N-O-V-A (Advent Children version)

Battle at the Big Bridge (from Theatrhythm iOS music select screen) I will never understand people’s decision to provide extended versions of music — especially those that last for hours. Thankfully, this isn’t one of them. It’s still “manually” extended by the uploader though.

Battle at the Big Bridge (from The Black Mages)

Of course, I love the original version from Final Fantasy V too! :B

Something to Protect (from FFIX)

Melodies of Life (Japanese single version)
I like the English one a lot too but I prefer this one more.

Run Past Through the Plains (from Final Fantasy Tactics)

Mambo de Chocobo (from FFV)

Vamo’alla Flamenco (from FFIX)
Played Chocobo Hot & Cold to death and never got sick of this tune. ^o^; The Piano Collections version is pretty good too~!

The Final Battle (from FFIV)

Matoya’s Cave (from FFI NES/FC)

Main Theme (from FFI PS)
I actually love the entire FFI PS and NES/FC soundtrack. ^^; But I’ll only select a few from the PlayStation version because this list is getting long. XD

Town (from FFI PS)

Chaos Temple (from FFI PS)

疾走 (from FFXIII-2)
I left the Japanese title since there are variations of it in English. ^^

Plains Of Eternity (from FFXIII-2)

Noel’s Theme ~ Final Journey ~ (from FFXIII-2)

Pulse de Chocobo (from FFXIII)
I love this so much. When I played FFXIII, I would get on a chocobo and aimlessly ride around the map just to listen to it. ^-^;

My Hands (from FFXIII)
Don’t care what people say. I like this tune. :B

Fulfilled Desire (from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII)

Under the Apple Tree (from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII)

Why (from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII)

Crisis Core game select piano loop

I’m gonna cheat and include some cutscene music, as well as arranged and vocal versions too. XD

Rydia (from FFIV: Celtic Moon)

Gaia (from FF: Love Will Grow)

Love WIll Grow (from FF: Love Will Grow)

Long Distance (from FF: Love Will Grow)

光の中へ (from FF: Pray)
Risa Ohki’s voice kicks the ass of the FFIV DS’ singer’s big time. >:E I realize the lyrics and tune is different in the DS game too though.

時の放浪者 (from FF: Pray)

Pray (from FF: Pray)

Overworld Punks (from Project Majestic Mix: A Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu)

Black Mage vs. Black Mage (from FFIX)

Breaking Through South Gate (from FFIX)

Daughter of Madain Sari (from FFIX)

Tina’s Theme (from More Friends: Music from Final Fantasy)

Swing de Chocobo (from More Friends: Music from Final Fantasy)

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