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Potpourri Post: Games & Life (… What else do I ever talk about? XD)

Gosh. It’s been almost a month, hasn’t it? I really should make more of an effort to post here seeing that I’m paying for the domain name but I spend most of my time on Twitter. ^^; In fact, part of today’s post will contain summaries of topics that I’ve yakked about there. That should make for an easy update, yes? XD


One thing I haven’t touched upon for a long while is my whole diet and exercise bit that I mentioned back in December. I did do one update in mid-March but after that, it was just silence on the issue. (I brought it up again on Twitter though!) Anyway, I’ve already hit my target weight late in May which means that I’ve lost 15 lbs. Kind of slow, I know, but at least I actually got some results. I’m sort of pushing toward my secondary goal of an additional 5 lbs but I don’t seem to be too serious about it considering that I’m back to normal weight according to the BMI calculator I was using. ^^ I’m more concerned about keeping the weight off right now.

Another thing I need to get back to is measuring my blood pressure on a regular basis or at least for a short time period. I checked it for a few days in early June and there doesn’t seem to be much change even after losing weight. :\ I’m kind of wondering if it’s even possible to bring it down to the normal range since it’s a good chance that it’s hereditary. I suppose I should keep positive about matters though and be more strict on sodium intake.


I finally got around to playing more Dynasty Warriors 7. I bought it for the PS3 a while back but never spent much time with it other than starting the Wei story campaign. In the past few days, I’ve cleared that as well as the Jin and Wu stories. This leaves Shu.

I’ve done a bit of Conquest Mode too but MY GOD, there are SO. MANY. NODES. With a billion playable characters, I can see why Omega Force chose to make the board so stupid huge. Sometimes, I wish that the developer would think of some new system that eases up on grinding or at least give us trophies that don’t rely solely on tenacity and patience. Yeah, yeah. Trophies aren’t mandatory but it’s annoying to see grindfest-only types. I like trophies to be rewarded for skill as they give the player more satisfaction in obtaining them.

Dynasty Warriors 7 - Damn amount of nodes!
Conquest Mode is neverending!

I also wish they’d think up more devious traps instead of always using fire and machines that shoot arrows … or even machines that shoot fire! After all, if you can put magic and superhuman feats in a game based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms which features both historical facts and fiction then you can do much better than simply having fires and arrows as your main devices.

I also purchased Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition for the Vita mostly for multiplayer purposes. It’s cool to see that Story Mode can be played with online friends! I only tried the game out for a bit and finished the tutorials for Jin and Shu. I’m kind of disappointed (but not entirely surprised) to see slowdowns and frameskipping during musou attacks. I think it’s mostly noticeable after the attacks end though. Or are they supposed to be like that for dramatic effect? 😛

Finally, I started on BioShock Infinite! I downloaded it as a PlayStation+ title back in February. 😀 As of this writing, I’m in the process of leaving Battleship Bay. I’m enjoying it so far despite the fact that I am a horrible, horrible shot. I’m on Easy and my health can STILL dip to dangerously low levels when engaged in combat. ^^;

Actually, in one fight, I completely forgot about using Vigours and relied on melee and guns. XD Oops. But I’m so paranoid about not having enough salt or ammo so I’m rather conservative on consumables that have finite uses.

Ah, speaking about consumables., I love how Booker just eats and drinks everything he can get his hands on. XD I had him eat some cotton candy that was on the ground as well as some fruits from trash cans. …. But what is it with the game giving people the ability to rummage through trash bins!? I haven’t seen any poverty stricken places in Columbia yet so it makes me wonder why any of the snooty blindly racist folks around haven’t shown concern for a fellow white man going through garbage. ^^;;; Then again, I had Booker swipe a hot dog right under the hot dog vendor’s nose so maybe these people just don’t care.

BioShock Infinite - Booker's always hungry!
Digging through the trash for random stuff. Food turns up! Time to eat up!

Oddly, in the current area, the game SUDDENLY slaps you with consequences for stealing so I guess the real issue is it depends where in Columbia you exercise your kleptomaniac tendencies. 😛

One last thing: The characters look kind of creepy! Elizabeth seems be the most cartoonish looking one what with her massive head and giant eyes. It’s almost like she was patterned after the female leads from recent Disney films. Maybe she’s a synthetic doll? :0 (Please don’t spoil me on the game about where she came from, how she got her power, etc. ^^)

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