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This is one of my most useless and spontaneous posts. I just took screenshots of the folders on my games home screen for the heck of things as an excuse to update this blog.

Here they are.

Honestly, I could probably uninstall literally 70% of them since I only play a handful. ^^ Oh, before I forget to mention, my iPad mini is jailbroken which is why I can cram so many more icons into a single folder than normal. 😛 For what it’s worth, I’m using FolderEnhancer to achieve that.

Actually, let’s add some substance! I’ll list and write about the ones that I actually load up and spend quality time with these days. Sadly, not all of them are really considered worthwhile. XD

Pocket Knights (ポケットナイツ)

Not to be confused with the card RPG by ZQ Games. While also a freemium title, this one is Japanese-only (as in both language and the fact that it’s most likely only on the Japanese App Store). Pocket Knights is quite mindless since the bulk of the gameplay consists of simply tapping on monsters that pop up on the screen. However, there IS a bit of a change of pace along the way as there are special boss battles that may appear after tapping x-number of times. These kind of fights play out like turn-based fantasy roleplaying games where you select an action to perform such as Attack, Magic, or Heal. There are also guild versus guild tournaments but only the top 4 strongest guild members participate by default. If you rank below them, you can still join the fray and dish out however much damage you can muster or provide protection for those battling on behalf of the guild by using shield magic.

Noted as a “selfie RPG” by the developer, perhaps the biggest draw about Pocket Knights is the ability to customize your adorable avatar with a myriad of outfits, accessories, and weapons. There are even options for facial and hair makeovers too. The cute designs is actually the main reason I’m even playing this game. 😛

Some Instagram users, including me, uploaded images of their avatars. Take a look! 😀

Before I forget, there’s an Android version of Pocket Knights too. However, it is region-locked to Japan like the iOS version. :/

Defender of Texel

I’ve written about it before. There’s been quite a few changes since I’ve started, namely the ability to “Salute” fellow players as a means to obtain Nux which is needed for various fights namely boss and PVP battles. You can also trade fighters with other players through an anonymous trading system but some offers for event-only units and simply popular ones are grossly overpriced. 😦 The “overpriced” in this sense means that people ask for either massive quantities of certain items or highly rare characters in exchange. =__=

Here’s the Android link to the game:

Tiny Farm

Another title that I’ve stuck with despite some raging I’ve done in the past about its wait times for harvesting and the developer’s (Com2uS) money-milking ways. I’ve learned that as long as you’re not greedy and want every single decoration, item, and/or animal (especially the Legendary ones that have a laughable and abysmal rate actually popping up from an egg), this game is extremely playable without handing over your bank account.

Glyph Quest

A delightfully fun puzzle game where you match the elements — earth, wind, fire, water, light, and dark — to battle enemies! There are also some fantasy roleplaying aspects such as levelling up your elements and buying items and equipment to help you in battle. While it’s true that the idea isn’t all that original, its engaging gameplay makes up for that. In fact, I bought it in a heartbeat once I reached the point where I had to pay to continue. Don’t worry; it’s a one-time payment to unlock the full game. There are no other in-app purchases otherwise. 😀

Android version:

Special mentions:


The title links to the developer’s site since the game is not just on Android and iOS. ^^ I finished this 10000000 a while back but I do poke around with it now and then to try and obtain the Game Center achievements I’m missing.

Yes, 10000000 is another tile-matching game but there’s something about it that makes it really enjoyable. I actually liked it so much that I also bought the Steam version while it was on sale a few weeks ago. Sadly, I discovered that I don’t react as fast with a mouse than I do with the touch screen. ^^


I am TERRIBLE at this game! I usually die before I reach level 30. 😛 But it’s not frustrating at all because I have a grand old time moving my character back and forth battling evil. In fact, I just laugh whenever I see my character’s soul flying up into the air. XD

Other notables:

Here’s a short list of titles that I usually just log in for their daily bonuses. XD I may play a stage or 2 though.

Other games I revisit from time to time. (Laziness kicked in so I won’t be linking to their iTunes or Google Play pages):

  • Cave shoot ’em ups like DoDonPachi Resurrection, etc. Oddly, ESPGALUDA 2 is one that I don’t fire up as often as the others.
  • Pixel People — I check this once in a blue moon. Usually, 2 or 3 updates would have come out for it since. XD
  • Abyss Attack — Only when I’m extremely bored.
  • Random shmups — Only when I’m extremely bored.
  • Random puzzle games — For that puzzle quick fix.
  • Rhythm games — Mainly DJMax Ray although I do play a little bit of Cytus and Taiko no Tatsujin now and then too.

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