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Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen – 2nd Playthrough Babbles Part 6: Finally Made it to the Chamber of Hesitation

As the title reads, I managed to land at the Chamber of Hesitation somehow.

I got it by jumping from the tavern in Gran Soren but I’m pretty sure it was just a fluke.

I also defeated the Archydra there. I actually had more problems with the Saurian Sages in the area before it. 😛 Seriously, those lizards were tough! The stupid hydra just took a while but otherwise didn’t pose much of a threat.

Now I have to magically find my way to the other chambers I’m missing which are Lament, Distress, Woe, Sorrow, and Resolution. .__.

Other stuff:

  • I sure love Ricochet Hunter. During the Path to the Dragon or whatever in the Greatwall Encampment, I kept sending the magic bolts into areas where I suspected enemies were lurking — well, I actually knew they were there since this is my second time through it — and laughed as the monsters shrieked and howled as they were bounced around the place. ^O^;
  • Visited the Conqueror’s Sanctuary and oops. There’s some sort of a dragon there. Got one life bar down but then the thing bailed. o_O????
  • Welp, got to the Chamber of Lament and the Ur-Dragon came out. However, I was goofy and went into the room with tablet to explore and the dragon eventually left. XD I didn’t even get a shot in and it didn’t attack the party either. ^^;
  • The Chamber of Fate is deadly! I got the Drake battle first when I went in but after returning from the second floor, I ran into the Gorechimera, Chimera, Lich, and their party of hellhounds! I managed to defeat them this time though! Mwahaha! But … I don’t remember if I picked up all the wakestones that the Lich dropped before taking on the remaining enemies. ^^;
  • Dropped to the Chamber of Woe and woe was me! I really hate that the Pawns won’t attack the Lich. I guess they’re took busy trying to deal with the monsters hacking away at them to try. ^^ I really should have brought more Burst Arrows with me. Used up a lot of restoration items to survive both this and the Chamber of Fate. 9__9 2 Pawns kept dying on me too because one is level 17 and the other is level 37. XD
  • So now, I only have Distress, Sorrow, and Resolution to visit. Not looking forward to Distress very much. ^^
  • Oops. Was attempting to leave the Chamber of Inspiration and a pawn got taken by a Phantasm. ^^
  • Huh? I never managed to get the damn trophy for completing all the quests!? Now I have to go through my list and see which one is missing and whether or not it’s worth doing another bloody playthrough to get it. >_> …. Ugh. I’m missing Mettle Against Metal. 😦 I can try speeding through the first bit of the game to get to this but I restarted on Hard mode. XD Let’s see how tricky things will get!
  • Hmmm. Got another Seneschal this time around; some blue-haired female Fighter. I wonder whose Arisen this is? XD
  • Being a complete nuisance as the Seneschal this time around and picking up people and hurling them around. I’ll occasionally throw in a Dazzle Blast too. Huurrr. The Brine can still “kill” the Arisen. Man, for a godly being, you sure are limited in what you can do. :V

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