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Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen – 2nd Playthrough Babbles Part 5

Last I played the game was on Monday, December 2nd. Here’s the write-up for that session. :3 Spoilers~~~~

  • Completed Badge of Vows 31 – 34. ‘Twas fairly easy to find them all. However, for the one at the Bluemoon Tower, a Pawn died because he fell into water. ^^ I was offline so I couldn’t retrieve him in the rift. 😦 Hired some random game-generated level 30 sorceror who proved to be nigh useless. Also, she had the Cowardice personality which was insanely annoying. >___>
  • Regarding the trek back up to the summit at Bluemoon Tower — there was one skeleton mage that I couldn’t locate and it was casting up a storm with its lightning spell. X___x Made it annoying to move up the stairs because I was trying to locate the useless sorceror pawn that died somewhere along the way at the same time. 😛
  • When doing Pride Before A Fall, I opted to hack and slash Julien since I didn’t do that the last time but the result is kind of the same anyway. Poor Mercedes. 😦
  • Bleh. Never got the key to open the locked door at Windbluff Tower since I accidentally spoke to the guard (the one that’ll allow you to complete the quest too) at the castle after speaking to Julien. =__=;
  • Found Symone in the Slums near the exit of the prison/sewer tunnel. Paid her the 100,000 gold to allow her to move back to the Noble Quarters just because.
  • Finally got Bad Business and Duchess in Distress. Completed those. I kept the daggers that were found at Madeleine’s shop. XD For the latter quest, I ALMOST missed Mirabelle. Thankfully, I remembered to look for her after accepting Deny Salvation. Also, I’m surprised that it seems that Aelinore can’t die if enemies attack her??? It was somewhat annoying but amusing to have to carry her across gaps and stuff. ^^
  • The romance between Aelinore and the Arisen seems kind of random. 😡 I know it’s supposed to be a whole love at first sight but still, there didn’t seem like there was much time for it to grow so the result came across as forced and totally unrealistic.
  • There were 2 instances at Devilfire Grove with large enemies magically disappearing. I take it this is a result of their “business schedule” where they only appear at certain times of the day so they’ll vanish when time’s up? Or it could just be the game glitching. XD Whatever the case, I wish it didn’t happen since I wanted to fight the drake and armored cyclops. 😦 (Er, not at the same time.)

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