Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen – 2nd Playthrough Babbles Part 3

Spoilers, of course!

  • Currently doing Rise of the Fallen to open the locked door~
  • Changed my Arisen to a Warrior and my Pawn back to a Ranger. The party currently consists of these vocations along with a Fighter and a Mage.
  • Ooh. The stout undead didn’t freeze the game when they were about to blow up. Wonder what was up with that last time? D:
  • Hmm. Warrior isn’t TOO bad even with its dreadfully slow attacks. Pommel Strike/Bash is kind of useful due to the fact that you can execute it quickly.
  • Escorted one of the guards to some location. I think I may have maxed out his affinity because now 4 males have lovey-dovey feelings for my Arisen. :/
  • Now doing Trials and Tribulations. Going for the guilty verdict this time since I didn’t do it last time. :B Yeah, I know it’ll lock me out of the stuff he sells but it’s no big deal.
  • ARGH. Spotted a griffin fly by while going toward the Estan Plains but couldn’t get its attention (since my Arisen can’t shoot it). 😦 Wish the thing would hang around longer. 😑 The respawn time takes 4 – 5 in-game days? Goddamn.
  • Whoa. Warrior works well against bandits especially with the augment that prevents knock-back and disruption from attacks. :0 Major crowd control with the Malignance! πŸ˜€ (It’s a long sword with ice enchant.)
  • Witch Hunt! Dur. The screen transitioned as I was heading into Witchwood. My friend’s pawn died so she’s out of the party. >_> Well, back to Gran Soren I go to get her back. Ooh. She’s levelled up 5 times since I last had her. XD
  • Weird! Even with the Japanese language track, the mob in front of Selene’s house will say stuff in English. ^^
  • Ooh. For once, I took out a golem before it could turn red and rampage around!
  • Welp, just nabbed the Arisen’s Bond. Not sure who to give it to. I know I mentioned Aelinore but I kind of want a male character this time around. Maybe the bandit leader. XD But to see a male character stumble around while goblins chase him in the end part would seem kind of weird to watch. ^^ Actually, kind of want to see if Reynard will still carry around his backpack if I pick him. XD
  • Oh yeah, I thought about switching the appearances of my Arisen and Pawn; i.e. making my Pawn look like my Arisen and vice versa but not sure I feel like it enough to go through with the edits.

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