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ACNL – Open House & Bitching about Snow People and Pavé (Spoilers?)

Guh. Haven’t posted in forever.  Let’s start off with this then!

The official ACNL Twitter account has this open house thing going where you share screenshots of your home. Since it’s difficult to take a picture of any room in its entirety, I offer an alternative by giving y’all my dream addresses. Of course, only those with the Dream Suite can visit. ^^;

Anyway, here they are:

4900-2297-8993 for my main town

5700-2854-9141 for my town that’s stuck in the past

I put this a quote since it was originally posted on my Tumblr. Both towns have been updated today so come visit them! 😀

I have most of my dream townsanimals now between the two games along with some sweeties that I don’t want to move out like Felicity and Savannah from my main one. Eventually, I’ll have Marina, Agent S, and Graham migrate over to it though but that means I’ll have to give up some of the ones that have grown on me. 😦 Of course, I can always move them to the second town too. However, that one is eternally underdeveloped so I’d feel kind of bad. XD

Well, since I’m already writing, I figure I can just mention a bit about the whole duplication exploit. For those that don’t know, this “cheat” allows you to duplicate any items that can be dropped such as Bells, clothing, furniture, StreetPass items, etc. Things such as mannequins, flowers (plucked from the ground/already been planted), and anything organic like fish, bugs, and underwater creatures are excluded since you can’t simply chuck them onto the ground anywhere in town.

If you wish to embark on the wonderful adventures of duping, it’s important to note that it can only be done through wifi network play (meaning the “near” option that Porter gives you won’t work) and requires 2 3DSs and 2 physical copies of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. So if you want to duplicate items yourself, you will need to own or borrow 2 systems and 2 game cards. Also, there is a danger that you may mess up your save. :\ I recommend that you thoroughly read through solidus snake777’s handy guide for the procedures and timing. If you’re the type that reads instructions while performing whatever you’re being instructed on, DON’T DO THAT WITH THIS. I can’t stress how important it is to familiarize yourself with the steps first BEFORE doing the actions.

Now that that’s out of the way, I must say that I have managed to save my sanity BECAUSE of the exploit. Here’s what happened during the month of December in my second town. Er, I suppose the following can be considered spoilers so if you don’t want to read them, just ignore everything that’s quoted!!

When it’s the winter season, snowballs appear in random spots in the town which allows you to create a family of snowpeople with them. Who you get is determined by the sizes of the two snowballs you roll.

I opted to make the Snowmam because I wanted the ice furniture series. Unfortunately, unless you get the snowballs to be the PERFECT sizes, the Snowmam will hand you down a mean order of obtaining 5 fucking snowflakes in exchange for ONE piece of furniture.

There are 13 fucking pieces in the series. That’s 75 goddamn snowflakes.

Snowflakes can appear anywhere in town and it can take a while for them to show up too. This means that you will be running around town like an idiot for a few hours. (You catch the them with a net and they fall regardless of whether or not it’s snowing that day.)

The only good thing out of this is that you have about 3 days or so to get the crap; basically, she needs them before she melts and disappears until you remake her. One problem I noticed upon remaking the Snowmam was that she started giving me duplicates of furniture pieces I already got the last time I forked over her stupid flakes.

In the end, I slaved through it all and got all 75. I honestly COULD have just looked for someone that had the ice furniture series to dupe them but I figure I’d work for it. Little did I know it’d turn up to be so stupid and annoying to do.

Then came Festivale in February. OH MY FUCKING GOD. Pavé deserves a HORRIBLE death. I honestly don’t know if it was just my luck but I ended up with 30+ pieces of duplicate furniture! I suppose it’s possible that playing the “mini game” in multiplayer does something to the game where it can’t keep track of which pieces you or your friend already had but I kind of doubt it.

Anyway, the stupid peacock requests that you bring him 3 feathers of a certain colour. The colour request will change after each set you give him. Like the snowflakes, feathers will fall around town and of course, they don’t come down frequently. Since there are several colours, this adds to the misery of needing to catch multiples of each. You can also trade the feathers you have on you with residents in hopes of getting the colour that dickass Pavé wants. Not all residents will simply go for a straight-up feather-on-feather trade though; some of the will want to play rock, paper, scissors or charades. Oh, and you have no say regarding which feather they can win off of you. =__= The best thing to do before speaking to a citizen is to drop any feathers you don’t want them to take — such as the ones you’re currently collecting for the idiot bird — to ensure that you won’t lose them.

So yeah, my friend and I spent literally half a fucking day trying to get all the pieces to the Pavé furniture series. In the end, we got 12 unique ones. For some reason, the dumbass never handed over the end table.

In the end, I posted a plea to the ACNL LJ community I belong to for that last piece. I didn’t have to wait long for the request to be fulfilled though. 😀

The point of these anecdotes is to highlight that I could have avoided all that pain and suffering had I just asked to dupe both furniture sets. Yeah, I realize that using the exploit can be considered cheating or taking the easy way out but I honestly wouldn’t mind working for the things if they weren’t so time-consuming with random results! They are fun to begin with, I guess, but after a while, they become plain annoying and aggravating. Shame on the developer for not thinking up more interesting tasks.

Anyway, while I’m not the greatest at timing when to flick off the wifi switch — it usually takes me a few tries — I’ve come across some fantastic folks with wonderful patience that allowed me to obtain some sweet non-reorderable items such as the complete Weeding Day furniture series, some Club Tortimer items, the 7-11 DLC set, Snowtyke items, and other cool stuff.  Oh, and royal crowns. My lord, those things are sweeeeeeeeet. They normally sell for 300,000 Bells but when Re-Tail is paying premium for Hats, just 2 of them will net you 1.2 million Bells. Duping these is THE fastest way to get those milestone rewards from the post office. I only managed to get up to 20 million myself so far since I have to be in the mood to dupe and sell them. XD There’s a lot of running back and forth from Re-Tail and the ABD machine. :\ I SUPPOSE I could just drop ’em all over the town but then, I would still have to pick up all the Bells bags later anyway. 😛

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