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Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Go away, Claudia

Just like a good chunk of the video gaming community, I’ve immersed myself in Animal Crossing: New Leaf (ACNL). I really didn’t know what to expect since this is my first AC game. I pretty much got it due to the fact that many of my friends were playing it too. ^^ It turns out New Leaf  is pretty fun! The biggest surprise I got from it is that I learned that it requires a long-term commitment. I mean, sure, I can probably just not bother playing the game for a few days or months but that would mean that my town would turn into some desolate, weed-infested junk land where no one would want to live in. 😦 Heck, even I wouldn’t want to return to it then. At that point in time, I probably wouldn’t even bother playing ACNL ever again.

I’ve been keeping with the game everyday and even visited towns that belonged to my friends. Occasionally, I’d open my gates for visitors but there’s really not much to do except shop and chatting with villagers. Oh, there is the tropical island too, of course, but either something that comes up in real life or no one stays long enough for us to really do much there. ^^;

I’ve also checked out the online multiplayer version of the island. What’s funny is that I always choose to go to the international one but I always end up meeting people from the United States there. 😛 Not very international, is it? XD You know, I’ve actually yet to meet someone that wanted to do tours there. Everyone just goes after the bugs. ^^;

Now, about my friends’ towns, most of them have female sheep or penguin residents! I only have one male sheep. 😦 I want penguins because they’re adorable! *__* I just got my 10th resident today so in order to get a cute animal to move in, I’ll have to get rid of one or two first. So now, I’ve embarked on a mission to try and force Claudia (who’s a tiger, I think) out of my town. I went to her house twice because she invited me over and twice I’ve told her that it’s great. For some reason, she takes this as an offense; like I’m just saying it to make her feel better! The next day, I would get a note from her that starts off with the remark that I am harsh! WTF? I do like her home!

So tonight, I started smacking her with a net as well as cornering her to constantly pushing her into a tree.

Claudia says this after the first few smacks
Claudia says this after the first few smacks
After the first set of net abuse
She’s all a-doozy
Welp, she's annoyed all right.
I just want you to leave, dammit.
Trapped Claudia
I was watering her for a bit but I think it didn’t actually reach her. :/
Walking into Claudia
I kept walking into her and then eventually went back to hitting her with a net.

I’ve also send her a letter telling her to go away and attached a pitfall seed to it. I plan on keeping with the abuse for as long as I can to see if she really will leave.

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