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[Tiny Farm] They’re Fruity (but Maybe Not So Delicious)!

I’m sorry that I’ve been slow to update on Tiny Farm events. Last two were really straight-forward so I didn’t bother. ^^; So how’s everyone doing with the current one? Did you get all your fruit-themed animals yet? 😀 Out of sheer luck, I got all of them simply from breeding the corresponding animal types; I just got the Apple Duck this morning which completed the set~!

Tiny Farm - Fruity Animals
The alpaca is so cute. ^^ Ugh. It seems the filter used looks better when viewing the image in Instagram. =_= Follow me at @koukoupuffs to see all my Tiny Farm screencaps (as well as Defender of Texel ^^)~!

For those that don’t know: ANY tier alpaca, turtle, and ducks will get you their fruity counterparts. Of course, it’s cheapest (heart-wise) to use 1st tier animals. If you have Friendship Tokens and some gold to spare, you can always check out the Breeding Barn to look for mates too. 😀

I would recommend against using Bells to buy the Fruity Box unless you intend on doing lots of TapJoy offers, buying them, or just have a lot of Bells saved up for use. The box is like any other egg where the animal that pops out will mostly likely be a regular animal, a Talking one, or one from a past event. Basically, the chances of getting fruit types are higher if you simply breed them yourself.

For completing grooming/giving love quests, I suggest checking and conversing with players at to find neighbours with the required animals.

To end this post, here’s a random screenshot of the Banana Alpaca~

Tiny Farm - Banana Alpaca butt
I love the little x at the back of the suit. ^o^

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