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[Tiny Farm] Little Animals~

Tiny Farm - Little Animals
The Little Bearded Pigs are kind of freaky looking. :/ This is a screencap I took of someone that was lucky enough to get all the little animals already! The Blue Little Baby Phoenix is in another location so it’s not shown. 😦

This Little Animal Families Event started on Thursday, I believe, and will run for 2 weeks so that’s ample time to get pairs of little animals …. hopefully. ^^ I know time doesn’t have as much to do with things as much as luck.

There’s no need to use 3rd tier or talking animals to get these little ones! Any tier works but 1st tier is probably the best if you want breed as much as possible with the least amount of love points.

Also! For those that don’t know, you can save money by re-purchasing most animals you’ve had on your farm before in the Collections menu for a discount~! For this quest, you need 2 Bearded Pigs, 2 Reindeers, and 2 Penguins. In terms of prices, a Tier 1 Bearded Pig can be re-purchased for 8,500 gold; Tier 1 Reindeer is 2,500 gold; and the Tier 1 Penguin can be purchased again for 16,250 gold. Please note that those prices are for ONE of each.

There seems to be conflicting reports on whether Sika Deers could be used or not. For the quest, however, the deers you need to use are REINdeers. (Yeah, it’s strange considering the little ones LOOK like Sika Deers.)

Regarding the prizes that you can get from the Event Box by breeding little animals: The gifts are random and can be love points, friendship tokens, Little Chick, Santa’s Little Chick, or the Blue Little Baby Phoenix.

I’m unsure if you can receive a gift if you mate your little animals through the Breeding Barn. It’s probably much cheaper to simply try and breed the pairs yourself though. :/

You can check out more info  as well as a neat infographic about breeding at Apparently, quite a few fans have moved to that forum now since no one’s talking at the Com2uS forums anymore. The word is that there seems to be a lot of disgruntled players that are no longer interested in participating in events or continuing due to all the new additions to the game and the unrelenting game of luck that everyone has to play in order to attempt to get the rare animals even with spending hundreds of dollars on Bells. :X

Oh. Oops. Apparently, the Com2uS forums closed at the end of April. ^^See here:

I have to admit that things are really expensive for me in the game now since I’ve maxed out the storage space AND animal certificates that I could buy with money. All I have left to buy with gold are the certs and spaces at Tiny Beach and Toy Village (which are stupid costly to begin with). I already get 2 Bells every 23 hours and the TapJoy link doesn’t work on my tablet for some reason so it’ll just take a lot of patience to save up to buy any sort of additional slot or cert for the farm. :\ In the meantime, I’m just selling animals that I can buy again with gold or with a small amount of Bells. 😐

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