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[Tiny Farm] The Witch and Angel Rabbits

Edit on April 25th: Sorry for the misinformation! m(__)m I got the info from the Com2uS forum thread but it turns out getting a Witch or Angel Rabbit is NOT a Special Chance-exclusive! I corrected it in the caption.

Witch and Angel Rabbits
These cute rabbits that seem like they belong to a Halloween promotion are new additions to Tiny Farm. You can get them by pairing your regular rabbits — the first tier white one — with other players’ Witch or Angel rabbits through the Breeding Barn. Otherwise, you can try your luck with the Tiny Egg.

I don’t know why but I find these cosplaying rabbits to be kind of random. Maybe they should have done an April Bunny instead (…. whatever that would look like. XD)

As usual, you can get information about which players have the rabbits at the Com2uS Tiny Farm hub wall and the official Com2Us forum!! Good luck to all~! I’ve yet to get my own Witch and Angel rabbits. ūüė¶

Other information regarding the Breeding Barn:

  • It’s always (or usually) a 20% chance to get a special animal! This means that 80% of the time, the breeding process will result in a regular animal so don’t be surprised you’ll keep getting white rabbit after white rabbit from neighbours.
  • Only ONE animal per mating request per neighbour. This means that if you want multiple attempts simultaneously, you’ll need to have a few of the same type of animal you’re using. In the case of the Witch and Angel Rabbits, you’ll have to have a whole group of Rabbits on hand. ^^

Incidentally, you can use any tier chicken to get a Phoenix in the Breeding Barn until the 28th. It has to be through a Special Chance (which will dictate which type of chicken can be used) and costs a bloody 100 Friendship Tokens. If you don’t have any and need to buy them with Bells, it’ll be the equivalent of $10 each attempt. A friend says that there’s only a 20% of obtaining this legendary bird so best of luck to everyone trying. For what it’s worth, I didn’t bother. (Kind of thinking the Breeding Barn should be renamed to the Trolling Barn.)

Expensive Phoenix :(
A Phoenix is hard to get enough through a Tiny Egg. Why should it cost 100 tokens to get it this way?


What’s a Special Chance?

I WAS excited until … well, it’s expensive to attempt this.

A Special Chance is an offer that appears in the Breeding Barn. This limited time offer — I believe each chance lasts for 6 hours —¬†¬†allows you to breed regular animals¬†with special ones such as an Alpaca with a Zombie Alpaca or a Spotted Pig with a Pirate Pig. You can find it on the bottom of the page where you see all the animals your neighbours have placed in their own barns for mating. ¬†A Special Chance can be manually refreshed but it comes at the cost of 1 – 3 Bells depending on how much time is left.


Here’s the complete list of quests. I added some info that was missing.

1. Harvest Sweet Potatoes 4 times.

2. Give love 1 time [to a Talking Horse] at Alfredo’s farm.

3. Give love 1 time to the Witch Rabbit in your friend’s farm.

4. Harvest carrots 4 times.

5.¬†Give love 2 times [to a Witch Rabbit] in your friend’s farm and get one bell as an reward.

6. Harvest tomatoes 8 times.

7.¬†Give love [to an Angel Rabbit] in your friend[‘]s farm one time and get one bell as an reward.

Phew.. if you accomplish all the steps you will sure get your reward!

You can read more here about this week’s promotion:

To clarify the bit about multiple grooming/love-giving to animals in friends’ farms — it doesn’t have to be the same farm. You can groom a Witch Rabbit in one farm and then another one in another. :3

Edit on April 24: I’m still unsure why the person that wrote the blog post at Com2Us added that line about getting a reward after completing all steps. As far as I can tell, I didn’t get anything additional.¬†Oh yeah, I noticed this in the search engine terms results that lead to this post: ‘Does Alfredo have a Witch Rabbit?” The answer is no.

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