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AdeptGamer Contest: Be A Part of Epic Pirates Story 2!

It’s been a few months since AdeptGamer launched and as goodwill and a way to say thanks to our members, we’re holding a contest where you can win great prizes like gift certificates to Steam, Google Play,or iTunes as well as getting in on some beta testing for an upcoming game by a staff member. The contest has actually been going on for a while but I’m only making an entry for it now because we’ve added some new prizes offered by Epic Devs LLC: 3 winners will get “to choose the concept art and/or the name for 3 characters in the Epic Pirates Story 2 release”.

Epic Pirates Story 2 is the sequel to the recently released Epic Pirates Story on Android. According to the developer, the gameplay from EPS will not be carried over to its successor. Instead, “EPS II based on Final Fantasy Tactics and Town management”. (Information from So instead of the automated battles, they’ll most likely be turn-based and require interaction from players.

At any rate, contest details can be found at

If you want to discuss Epic Devs, Epic Pirates Story and other things, be sure to check out AdeptGamer~!

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