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Mitchiri Neko Mix Guide

Notice!!: If there are errors or information you want to add to the spreadsheet, please comment below. I DO NOT share or add users to any of my Google Docs spreadsheets.

Edit on May 24th, 2013: Screenshots for wallpapers 5 – 7 added.

Edit on May 4th, 2013: Added screenshot for wallpaper 4. :3 (Yes, I got the secret cats. ^-^)

Edit on May 1st, 2013: Added images for the Gacha Jar and the cost of the Marching Band Journal and Gacha Jar. I’m still working on getting the secret cats to get the wallpaper. X__x

Mitchiri Neko MIx Title
Mitchiri Neko MIx Title

I’m currently addicted to a silly little Japanese game from the Play Store called Mitchiri Neko Mix (みっちりねこみっくす It’ll be available at the App Store on February 26th so don’t worry, iOS users! You’ll get to make your own silly cats soon enough~! :3 Edit: Huzzah! The App Store now has it. It’s not limited to Japan so most App Stores should have it. :3 This is the link to the US one:

Edit on April 1st, 2016: This is not an April Fools’ joke. The game is no longer available on the App Store. At least not in the stores I checked which were Canada, US, and Japan. It is, however, still on Google Play.

Mitchiri Neko Mix is a simple little game that’s based on some strange creation called Mitchiri Neko. I can’t really describe what this is since I’m not even entirely sure myself. All I know is that these bizarre (but cute) little cats love showing up everywhere and seemingly inconveniencing people. They also have a habit of multiplying or just being in a giant huddle of sorts. ^^  There’s even an on-going Web comic over at Famitsu that chronicles the tales of the Mitchiri Neko.

Anyway, the mobile game is completely free with no strings attached — other than requiring some of your patience which I’ll get to a bit later on.

The goal of the Mitchiri Neko Mix is to complete all journal entries. To do that, you must synthesize different kinds of cats to create new ones. There are 20 in total but there are also 3 secret types. You can also get wallpapers for your device, buy another journal, and get new mixing jars — all by giving up some specific cats.

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty~!

Mitchiri Neko Menu
Mitchiri Neko Menu

From top to botton, the game menu consists of creating new cats, viewing the jar (a.k.a.  ビン. It’s literally “Bin” but it’s meant to mean “bottle”. I say “jar”. :P), the journal, inventory menu, shop menu, and a tutorial.

Let’s Mix Cats!

When you begin, you’ll only have 20 each of 3 types of cats: a plain old basic cat (きほん), a cat that looks like it’s doing a belly-flop (みけ), and the striped one (とら).   To synthesize new cats, the recipe always requires you to add at least 10 of each type. You can only use 2 kinds of cats at any given time. I’ve yet to see any advantage in adding more than 10 of either so I wouldn’t suggest it. As far as I know, a successful synthesis will always yield one new cat.

Here’s an example of successfully creating a new type of cat:

Mitchiri Neko Mix - Making a Cat~
(10 x A-008) + (10 x A-010) = 1 x A-012!

I checked out some Japanese websites and some of them already have all the recipes available. I nabbed one and stuck it into Google Docs for everyone’s viewing convenience! You can see it here:

Discovering the recipes yourself could be pretty fun too! However, you may encounter mixes that will fail. 😦 When this happens, you will only gain back 1 of each type of cat you used in the mixture. Here’s an example of a recipe that doesn’t exist:

Mitchiri Neko MIx - Failed Recipe
These cats don’t mix!

Not sure why I included the screenshot in the middle but I did. For what it’s worth, even an actual working recipe has the puffy smoke, merging-in-progress animation.

Let’s Make More Cats!

While the cat fusion occurs rather quickly, waiting for them to replenish could take a while since every cat has a fixed amount of time until it multiplies. Early entries reproduce rather fast but once you get closer to the bottom of the list, the wait time gets much longer. Honestly, forcing players to wait is kind of silly given that there’s no in-app purchases at all. I do think the only reason such a mechanic was implemented was to extend the length of gameplay. Otherwise, it’d lose its appeal if everything could be unlocked and purchased within a single day.

At any rate, to increase the quantity, simply select 1 cat and chuck it into the jar — like so!

Mitchiri Neko Mix - Multiplying Cats
Put one cat in and watch it clone itself! Scary!

You don’t have to wait until the jar becomes full to scoop them up.  Select the spoon icon on the top left at any time to retrieve however many floating cats there are. Oh yes, the type of jar dictates the maximum quantity you can get. The default jar only allows you to get up to 25 cats. The best one has a limit of 40.

~~ Fun things to do while looking at the jar ~~

  • poke the cat(s)
  • flick the cat(s)

Incidentally, you don’t need to sit there and monitor it; the cat will continue to multiply even after you exit the game.

~~ Other tips ~~

  • When reproduction or a recipe is complete, the game offers you a Yes (はい) or No (いいえ) option when it comes to retrieving whatever is in the jar. The “No” option provides you with the chance to start over again to replace the cat(s). To do this, select いいえ and then Choose Menu. Go back to the first menu and choose to create a new type or replicate a cat. A window will pop up alerting you that you will lose everything that’s currently in the jar. I’m actually not sure what the purpose is for this since you won’t get back the cat(s) that were placed in the container. :\

Let’s Make More– Wait a Minute! What’s With This Different Coloured Cat!?

Sometimes, during the reproduction process, a variant will appear.  It’s easy to spot one since it’s always of a different colour.

Mitchiri Neko Mix - A Variant Appears!
A purple-coloured cat within a bunch of reddish ones.

One thing to note is that this odd one out will count against the total of cats produced so, in this case, out of the possible 25 reddish ones, you’ll only get 24.

Every entry in the journal has 3 variants. (The kanji, 亜種, labels them as “sub-species”.)

Mitchiri Neko Mix - 3 Sub-species
Hassaku Orange cat and its variants … in their alternate poses.

These sub-species types can’t multiply so in order to get them, you simply need to put the base types in a jar and eventually, they’ll show up. I don’t know what the odds are or if there are any conditions. I just like to think of the occurrence as random.

Let’s … Now What!?

Speaking of random, there’s one more thing to know about tossing kitties into a jar. As mentioned at the beginning, there are 3 secret types of cats. I believe, but I’m not 100% certain, they do not have a fixed recipe and pretty much only pop up by chance. You’ll know when you get one based on the little star next to their number. I think I got this one while attempting to unlock No. A-015.

Mitchiri Neko Mix - It's a Secret Cat!
Bob’s a secret type.

Nothing else is different about these ultra rare entries; they can reproduce and also have 3 variants. They also mix well with other cats although I’m not sure if such recipes always yield the same result. I’ve yet to experiment much with them.

Let’s Explore the Shop!

The shop is the second last heading in the menu. The title reads “Black Cat Company” (くろねこ商会) and has a sinister looking black cat with yellow eyes in its icon. Here, you have the option of buying more jars, buying another journal, receiving a daily fortune, and buying some wallpapers for your computer or mobile device. Out of the 4 selections, only the daily fortune doesn’t cost anything.

Since there is no currency in the game, you will buy everything with a certain quantity of cats. For most items, 2 – 4 types of cats are required. However, the number as well as the kind isn’t revealed until you unlock the necessary cat via mixing.

The collection of screenshots below shows that 4 specific types are needed in order to purchase the Jam Jar. On top of this, you’ll need 50 of each. Once the purchase is made, you can choose to immediately change to it. The screenshot after just tells you that you can change jars at any time in the “inventory” menu. (It’s the one right above the store option in the main menu. Its icon is the pink bag with the brown paw print.)

Mitchiri Neko - Buying the Jam Jar
Pay with cats! The Jam Jar allows a cat to reproduce 30 times.

It’s roughly the same deal with the wallpapers except you have to go to a webpage to download them.

The daily fortune is not something I understand very well because I almost unlocked every cat before I attempted to use it. Basically, once every 24 hours, you may get a card with a random cat that’s designated as a “lucky cat”. I’m not sure if getting this means you automatically get that particular journal entry or not. :/  I’m also not sure what kind of “good thing” may happen. Maybe it’s easier to get the variants? You may even get secret cats with less tries??

Mitchiri Neko Mix - A lucky cat
A rough translation of the bottom of the card” “Something good may happen if you use this cat for synthesis”.

Let’s Explore the Journal!

It should be easy to guess which menu item it is since it’s the only thing there with an icon that’s in a shape of a book. The heading reads “Observation Diary” (観察日記) but I refer to it as a journal. Oddly, this  is the only place that’ll show you how many sub-species you’ve found for a particular cat. You’ll know by the number of pink paw prints under the name. This is seen in the screenshot with the secret cat in the Let’s …. Now What!? section.

Mitchiri Neko Mix - A sample of a journal entry
Information about the cat and its variations.

A journal entry provides the player with the basic information such as the entry number, rarity (the more gold paws there are, the more rare the cat is), name, recipes, and the length of time it takes for it to multiply once in a reproduction mode. In the example above, it’s stated that 1 Devil cat will appear every 2 minutes.

The text that’s below all the vital info is a brief description of the cat such as its first appearance in the Web comic. There’s always a link below each entry that’ll lead you to the specific comic too.

Clicking on the Sub-species (亜種) link above the gold paws brings you to the page with the three alternate types. A question mark will be in the place of any that haven’t been found yet. There’s 3 screenshots above in total because the right-most image shows their second pose. :3

~~ Fun thing to do while viewing the variants ~~

  • Poke them. (You can even poke the main one too~!)

As of this writing, there are only 2 journals: はじめての日記 and さくら色の日記. The second one requires 50 x A-020 (ぎゅうにゅう), A-003 (とら), A-007 (まじーごろー), and A-008 (でびる). Both journals will only show as completed when you unlock all 20 base types, 3 secret types AND their 3 sub-types. That’s 69 in total for EACH journal.

Edit on April 26th: The Android version was updated today~! A new journal, 音楽隊の日記, has been added along with one new wallpaper and jar! The journal adds 13. I’m guessing it may be 10 regular and 3 secret ones? Correction on April 30th: It’s actually 13 regular cats and 2 secret ones. :0

Let’s Finish This!

This little write-up should be enough to get you going in Mitchiri Neko Mix. Good luck and have fun! ^-^

tl;dr/I just came for the recipes:


Here are the screenshots of all the unlocks at the Shop (except the last wallpaper which requires 150 of A-023 and 150 of B-023)! The screencap with the type of cats needed to unlock the Jam Jar is found in the Let’s Explore the Shop! section above. Note: Some of the cats seen in the images below are only available after you purchase the Sakura-Coloured Journal (さくら色の日記).

55 thoughts on “Mitchiri Neko Mix Guide

  1. It’s probably in here some where.. but once I use 10 nekos, do I have to wait a certain amoint of time to get 20 cats again? Or do I have to buy them? I’m new at it and i’m kinda stuck in that part.

    1. It worked for me. I think it MIGHT depend on which cat you select first ? But I’m absolutely 100% not sure about that. It took me about an hour or so to even figure out how to play the game because I don’t read japanese. Haha

  2. Are the cats needed for wallpaper 2 and wall 3 also secret cats? How do you get those? I have all the normal cats and the 3 secret cats..doesn’t look like there is anymore room for those..

    1. Just a warning through — constantly using the speed hack or selecting a value of 200% can mess with your battery life (or at least make it seem like it’s discharging crazy fast). Use it with caution.

  3. I read in Japanese forum that there are particular recipe for the secret cats.

    But to earn it, you must first see what cats come out in the daily fortune.

    Like in your screencaps, it’s mandragora.
    Then if you use mandragora in your mix, you can get the secret cat as long as the recipe is correct.

    1. I’ve tried mixing the lucky cat listed in the fortune with every cat I had unlocked up to that point and got no secret cats. I think it’s still largely up to chance.

  4. You know in the observation diary, what is that little paragraph (the last category)? I’d really like to know. Also the part under the amount of time it takes to multiply. Please explain! Thank you! ^3^

  5. I messed up when I exchanged my cats for wallpaper #1 but i closed the tab in safari since it wasn’t loading but now I can’t exchange anymore since the link is gone :C

  6. I followed the chart to get the A-types of cats, and pretty much all worked well (i need A20, but i’ll manage it, i hope… i got A22 and A21 instead XD). I don’t get how you get B and C types of cats tho, i re-read the guide, and coulnd’t find it. Am i missing something? Thanks ❤

    1. You must buy new Sakura Journal from the black cat’s shop to get B-type cats, and new Marching Band Journal to get C-type cats.

  7. Thank you for the guide! It really helped out! Also, I think the fortune gives you a hint on how to make one of the special cats 😮 Today, my fortune said to use cat #10. Curiously, I did. I had meant to make cat #13 by mixing cat #10 and cat #11, but instead I got cat #21! This is just a theory so you should try it out and see if it works 😮

  8. By the Boss’s Comment in the Omikuji(おみくじ) of Black Cat’s Shop(くろねこ商会), cats of the secret mix can be made from any recipes, even the recipe of the other known cat. For example, I got A-022 the Stone cat from the recipe with A-011 and A-013, the known recipe to get A-015 the Buchaiku cat.

  9. Any other cats I can mix to get A23? I tried mixing A15 and A22 a few times, but failed.

    1. I got A-023 Moffumoffu by mixing A-022 Sutoon and A-014 Tsugihagi. I also got A-022 Sutoon by mixing A-021 Bobu with A-003 Tora. I think you’ll get better luck finding secret cats by mixing with secret cats you’ve already unlocked.

  10. Correction: the variants don’t always count against the total number of mitchiri neko you get out of the jar. Maybe that’s only the case the first time you discover a variant for that species? When I discover a variant, except for the first time, it always gives me 25 (base jar) or 30 (jam jar), not 24 or 29.

    I agree with you that the secret cats have random recipes, not fixed recipes, because the mixing guide you linked to showed recipes for the secret cats which did not work for me.

    I also don’t know what the fortune is for, or what “good luck” (as my Japanese-fluent husband translated it) will come. You definitely don’t automatically get that species when you receive the fortune card because only species you’ve already unlocked will appear on the card.

    Interestingly, in the store, I discovered a wallpaper (#6) which listed two of the three mitchiri neko required to purchase, and one of them was one I had not yet unlocked (“nyaatoso”) since I only had the first journal completed and had not yet purchased the second journal. Has anyone else seen this?

  11. I tried your guide to get A-017 and got A-021, tried again n got A-022!! Lucky me!! But i never get my A-017…:( some help?

  12. what does it mean when you do the daily lucky thing and you get the black cat? he’s not one of the cats in the journal, so i’m not sure what that could mean and i’ve gotten him a few times.

    1. It apparently means you haven’t got the cat that’s required for the fortune thing? But that’s just my guess, so the actual answer could be something entirely different.. (;´Д`)

  13. I got two of the secrets in the second notebook. The combinations that worked for me were, for B-021 (Lion) I mixed B-006 and B-018, and for B-022 (Fondue) it was B-003 and B-020.

  14. What are those star signs and “X” sign on d cats? And what are thosr calendar like menu thing?

  15. why does my game layout look different? I’m using IOS and it’s different. I don’t have the special card thing, as well as the choice of choosing which cats to put in the jar. I can only plant the seed. Why is it like this?

      1. oh then the game that I have, do you have a guide for that or I’ll have to figure it out myself?

          1. no worries! also, where can I download mitchiri neko mix. the link you gave doesn’t work

            1. It seems like it’s only available on for Android devices now. I’ve checked the Canadian, US, and Japanese iTunes Stores and can’t locate Mitchiri Neko Mix. ._.

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