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[Tiny Farm] The Tiny Egg Quest

Hopefully, you weren’t as rash as me and checked Alfredo’s farm almost immediately after the quest became available. 😛  I was there before Com2uS had the tiny eggs and ended up combing the place for the thing and mistakenly groomed something in the process. 9___9 So now, I have to wait until tomorrow evening to try again.

Anyway, you’re looking for the small, cream-coloured egg with pink heart-shaped polka-dots. (You should also notice that there’s a Talking Striped Bear added in now. :3)

Tiny Eggs!
Those Tiny Eggs. I think the gold and silver ones are for the subsequent quests?

I’ll update this post as needed later.

Update on Feb 21: Second quest is “Give love to Silver Tiny Egg in Alfredo’s farm once.”

Update on Feb 22: Third quest is “Give love to Golden Tiny Egg in Alfredo’s farm once.”

Oh my. When the Tiny Egg I got from the second quest hatched, I got a Silver Tiny Egg! Does that mean a Golden Tiny Egg will come from a Silver one? It’s an Eggception; an egg within an egg within another egg! X__x

Update on Feb 23: Fourth quest is “Find a friend who has a Jewelry Tiny Egg and give love to your friend’s Jewelry Tiny Egg once.” …… I have no idea what it looks like because Alfredo supposedly doesn’t have one either. :/ Oh, and yes, the Tiny Egg does hatch a Silver Tiny Egg which then can hatch a Golden one. ^^

Update on the Feb 24th~!:

Ungroomed/Unloved Jewelry Tiny Eggs sure are hard to find! I spotted one but it was already taken. Here’s what it looks like though! Apparently, you can get one from a Golden Tiny Egg.

Tiny Farm - The Jewelry Tiny Egg
Shouldn’t it be “Tiny Jewel Egg”?

This quest is the last one, BTW. I recommend checking the Tiny Farm Hub wall for users that have the egg. I got lucky with xiu15. Unfortunately, the Tiny Egg I got as a reward got me a sea turtle right away. >_>

4 thoughts on “[Tiny Farm] The Tiny Egg Quest

  1. Sadly mine hatched after being a silver egg… But I got a talking Unicorn… Oh well…

  2. I got a golden tiny egg and then I got a robot bunny…have no idea what to do with it…

    1. The robot bunny was a part of a quest that just ended. It’s just like any regular old rabbit~!

      You can put it in the breeding barn so other players can have their robots breed with it and of course you can send breeding requests to other players too. (Don’t ask how mating works with robots. XD)

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