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More musings about DJMax Technika Tune

DJMax Technika Tune - ASS
Not a result I see often

No idea how I managed to get 8 breaks on First Kiss but I did.

Anyway, I’ve been periodically doing bitchfests on Twitter about the location of the Fever button. It’s rather annoying to try and activate it during quick tunes and especially if you’re only playing with the game with your right index finger. (This excludes Pop & Club Mixing patterns since they require 2 hands … although I suppose some folks with long fingers and insane reflexes could manage some tunes with one hand.) For a while, I had my left hand wrapped around the Vita with the index finger poised to hit Fever when it was ready. Sadly, this caused me to break some times and I’d still magically miss the thing too. If only the button were a big larger.

I received a tweet this early morning that stated Fever could be activated with the O button as well. That’s great, I suppose, but it’s still kind of inconvenient, especially playing Pop Mixing with the default touchscreen + touchpad setting. It would have been great if Neowiz/Pentavision let us map the Fever to whatever button we wanted. Heck, it would have been even more awesome if the Fever button was right in the MIDDLE of the play area so the player could easily treat it like part of a note pattern.

In my quest to find a way to access the Fever button easier, I tried several different ways of holding the Vita like attempting to play the game with my thumbs instead. This made Pop very difficult since I had to re-adjust the hold every time I had to hit the touchpad. This resulted in a lot of breaks. Things might be easier if I had giant man hands though. 😛 In the end. I started practicing playing with my left and right index fingers with the Vita sitting on a flat surface. I changed the play style to touchscreen only as well. I think, with more practice, this will be a good way to play the game. And with two hands going, it’s much easier to tap the on-screen Fever button.

Honestly, I haven’t checked out many gameplay videos. If I did, then maybe I can figure out a play style that’s right for me. :/

Anyway, at this point in time, I’m 5 levels away from 50. Apparently, all tracks are unlocked once the player reaches that level. The last track that I’m waiting for is SigNalize. Hope the pattern’s fun.

Hmmm. I’m going to randomly list some tunes I wouldn’t mind seeing as DLC. I’m not a Technika player so all these will be from DJM Online, Trilogy, and Portable. XD:

  • Whiteblue
  • Carmen Toreador
  • Csikos Post
  • Perseus Remix [this was in DJMax Online China]
  • Aurora Borealis
  • Feel [how did this not make the cut for the initial tracks included with the game?]
  • Grid System
  • Dancin’ Planet
  • Space Of Soul
  • So Much In Love
  • Get Out
  • Ventilator
  • NB Rangers Returns
  • Enemy Storm
  • NB Ranger
  • Girlz [okay, so this is from Ray]
  • Stop
  • Dear My Lady
  • IF
  • Funky People
  • Cherokee
  • Brave It Out
  • Minus 3
  • Squeeze
  • Memoirs
  • Syriana
  • Showtime

All right I’ll stop now. :3 I wonder if they’ll do packs like DJMax Ray? >:/

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