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[Tiny Farm] Toy Village Screenshot

It even has a cheesy candy cane border! XD Click on the image for a larger version (1310 x 648)!

Still want the snow globe thing but the damnable sock keeps churning out dice. >:(
Still want the snow globe thing but the damnable sock keeps churning out dice. 😡

I didn’t notice the Christmas Duck turned away when I took the screencap. I also didn’t realize I accidentally turned the Club Card to stand perpendicular to the other one. 9__9 Since I didn’t get anything during the 7-day draw, I suppose all the decorations and stuff that’s littered around the village are fine. I really wish the sock would lay off on the dice. I think I got 7 total but sold 2 of them (for 30 Gold each. Yay. >_>).

Oh yeah, it took 5 tries to get a Christmas Duck. All previous Present Boxes gave me the damn ugly donkey. Com2uS seriously needs to stop creating butt-ugly animals. Maybe when I’m bored enough, I’ll make a list of my favourite animals.

Man, things are getting so expensive in the game now. :/ My barn costs 90,000+ gold for additional slots and most upgrades start at 200,000 gold now. I don’t bother doing calculation to see which animals or crops give me the best returns so I guess it just means more waiting for me. :B Using Bells to expand things is out of the question too because it’s infinitely faster to get Gold than those things.

Someone complained in a review at the Play Store that things that require Bells are far too expensive. I agree but I think it’s only natural that Com2uS jacks up the prices of those things since this is an ad-free game so the only way they’re making money are through Tapjoy and players willing to spend money on it. :\ At any rate, they replied to the review and said that they may look into re-adjusting the prices. Here’s hoping that they do.

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