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[Tiny Farm] Christmas Promotion

8 days left to get the Christmas animals~! Took me a few tries to get the third Christmas Egg. :3

Tiny Farm Christmas 2012 Promo
I was hoping to get the sheep first but ….

I got this instead. 😦

Tiny Farm Christmas 2012 Promo
I think the donkeys are quite ugly in this game.

The objective is recurring meaning that once you finish getting 3 Christmas Eggs, you’ll get the same objective again afterwards. I guess it’ll go on until you obtain all three Christmas animals? I’m not sure since I just started on the second one.

As for breeding Talking Animals, you just need to breed tier 2 + tier 3 animals or a tier 3 + tier 3.

Tiny Farm Tiers~
In this example, Tier 2 is a Brown Bighorn Sheep and Tier 3 is a Black Bighorn Sheep. Breeding the Brown and Black one or Black and Black will get you a Talking Bighorn Sheep.

However, not all animal types have Talking variants! Check your collection to see which ones do. See the screenshot below for an example~!

Tiny Farm - Look for Talking animals!
Talking animals that can be obtained will have a silhouette in the Tier 1 box in the Level 2 Collection without a “Coming Soon” over it.

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