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Puzzle & Dragons Android

Updated on December 20th:

GungHo finally got the message. The game now works on rooted devices … like mine! 😀 Time to change my 1-star review~!


Updated on December 13th:

So the game was released about 3 days ago on the Play Store for Canada and the US (and maybe other countries as well?) … but it’s been pulled since? At least it doesn’t show up if you do a search for it. Anyway, here’s the link:

Seriously, developers need to learn that not everyone with root goes around cheating in games. I mean, the iOS one runs fine with jailbreak mainly cuz it’s impossible to cheat their IAP system. I suppose GungHo has yet to figure out how to do that with the Play Store?

Anyway, I hope they’ll ditch the dumbass anti-root scheme and maybe then, I’ll figure out if it’s my Galaxy Tab 10.1 or root that’s preventing the game from running. I use OTA RootKeeper to temporarily “un-root” my Tab but it still does the black screen thing. :V

Original post from September 18th [Japanese version]:

I don’t see it at the Play Store just yet but Gung Ho’s saying it’s out. ^^ (Edit: Oh, I think it won’t be available until later today. Something about 4 PM Japan Time? D:) 8 days of gifts and perks~!

Here is the list of currently supported devices: They’re hoping to add more as time goes on.

Famitsu coverage:

Edit: While the Galaxy Tab 10.1 isn’t listed as a supported device, I’m going to see if it’s possible to download it for the tablet. I honestly feel that the game is a lot more fun during the beginning when money and monster experience isn’t much of an issue so I’m going to play the ‘Droid one for a bit (if I can).

Edit #2: Doesn’ t load on the Galaxy Tab 10.1. :B Here’s the direct link to the app:

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