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[Tiny Farm] Golden Eggs!

I’m unsure if any kind of penguins can lay the Golden Egg but I used Brows Penguins. One is a Crimson Brows Penguin at level 27 and the other is a Purple Brows Penguin at level 34.

Guarding the sparkling Golden Egg~
Guarding the sparkling Golden Egg~

Incidentally, I highly recommend NOT giving love to any sort of eggs at a neighbour’s farm since there are animals that give much higher XP. For example, the Spring Flower Deer gives 87 XP.

2 thoughts on “[Tiny Farm] Golden Eggs!

  1. You helped me sooo much with the Halloween posts for tiny farm and when I saw you started the golden egg I got psyched up! 🙂 I have only gotten one golden egg from breeding a red and a normal penguin. I got two brows but ones normal and ones purple, do you think the odds are better the higher the penguin? Add me if u got room, I play everyday and I know a secrecy way to get 1 or 2 extra bells a day.. But I don’t want to post it cause I don’t want them to fix it. My screen name is: Ashofember

    1. I have no idea what the odds are for any penguin type. 😦 The Brows ones were the only one where I had 2 of already. I didn’t want to spend time waiting to raise other types. ^^; I’m having a heck of a time now getting Golden Eggs with my Brows penguins though. :/ Bred them around 3 times already today and didn’t get a single GE. I’m on the third objective (where it says to breed 7 more GE to get the goofy looking Cinco de Mayo chick).

      ……….. Is it even possible to max out on friends? I do have more than 15 so I don’t visit everyone every day. I do plan on ditching ones that don’t seem to ever visit or tend to their own farms though.

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