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[Kairosoft Android] 発掘ピラミッド王国 (Pyramid Kingdom Excavation)~! The Pyraplex~!

発掘ピラミッド王国 Title Screen
It’s not like Mega Mall Story!

Probably touting this a little too early but I do plan on playing the game more, or at least reading up on the How to Play section. 😛 As noted in the caption, despite the impressions you may get from screenshots, the game really isn’t like MMS at all! There’s more to do and manage like assigning tasks to residents of your pyramid and upping your Pyramid Power to attract tourists and more residents~! (At least, I think that’s part of what PP does. ^^;)  There’s still floor compatibility and comboing though.

Anyway, I started up a thread over at AdeptGamer~! Join us!

Edit on November 16th: I locked that thread since I wanted to keep it to the guide and walkthrough info only. You can chat about the game at though~! ^-^

Yes, the game is only in Japanese at the moment but at least it’s not region locked! Check it out at And no, I don’t have a cracked APK nor does AdeptGamer! Be nice and support Kairosoft!

Edit on Nov 12th: Woo! The How to Play/Manual section has been translated! Now I more or less know what stats do and some other stuff. Anyway, I updated my first post in the forum thread linked above~ I’ll probably work on screen translations and maybe whip up a small tutorial too~

Edit on Nov 23rd: Check this too~

Edit on Dec 14th: The guide!

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