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Puzzle & Dragons is out in English!

Puzzle & Dragons in English

Gungho Online Entertainment America has finally brought over Puzzle & Dragons to Western shores! I’m not sure I’m going to be getting it since I’m hardly playing the Japanese version as it is. ^^ Got up to level 40 in it too and managed to save up to 63 Magic Stones — all which were gifts from GungHo during promotions and celebrations. I just lost interest after a while since I’m stuck with grinding for money to level up and fuse my monsters. I also needed some of those fusion material monsters that are needed to evolve them … which are probably rare drops from higher difficulty dungeons. Sigh.

Anyway, I encourage iOS users to try it out! It’s much more cute and colourful than its blatant clone, Angel Salvation. LOTS more variety in units too. And, as I mentioned in that post, as long as GungHo is active in supporting the game and dishing out Magic Stones to everyone once in a while, I’m sure players will remain with it. The Japan version gets a lot of cross-promotions with other companies too. (And there’s merchandise like little toys and cellphone straps and stuff! TT~) Not sure they’ll do it for the NA version though.

Oh yeah, it doesn’t look like there’s an English Android version just yet which is good, I suppose, since they still need to broaden device support for it, in my opinion. (It STILL doesn’t run on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 with CyanogenMod 10.)

12 thoughts on “Puzzle & Dragons is out in English!

  1. the date is outdated..i received mail ingame on puzzle and dragons and it says it was already out of android OS..just today Dec 10

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