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DJMax Ray: Data Reinitializing Bug Fixed!

Edit on March 17, 2013: I’ve upgraded to iOS 6.1.2 yesterday and updated to the newest version of DJMax Ray so I decided to give it a try again. With jailbreak, you can now log into Pmangplus and be online for ranking and stuff but you CANNOT buy any in-app purchases. Since I wanted to explore 6.1.2 more, I restored my iPod touch and currently using stock OS. It was only this way that I was able to buy the Dramatic music pack. (I wanted it for My Heart, My Soul, and Ventilator.) :/


With the latest update (1.0.2) released on Monday, the game no longer throws me back to level 1 whenever it decides to crap out on me~! This meant that I was finally able to catch up to my previous level and score! In celebration of this, I spent a part of yesterday playing the hell out of the game. I got from rank 1060 to 359 in a few hours. XD Currently at 356~! :3

Unfortunately, it still randomly minimizes itself every now and then. I believe this could be a RAM issue with the iPod touch? I know it happens a lot more frequently when it’s in jailbroken mode. :X

Anyway, here are some screenshots~! (They’re somewhat blurry because the theme automatically resizes them to fit on the page. :/ They can be clicked on for the full version though (which isn’t much bigger. ^^)

DJMax Ray - Daylight unlocked~!
Along with the data reset bug being fixed, Neowiz also reduced the clear conditions of some of the challenges. 😀 Phoenix Virus used to require a “Fade In Clear” on 5L/MX but now it’s 5L/HD. 😀
DJMax Ray - Memory of Beach Clear Condition Nerfed
Another challenge change! Memory of Beach is still on 5L/MX difficulty but instead of the 91% (or was it 90%?) rating clear, all you need is 85% accuracy. :B
DJMax Ray - Memory of Beach Challenge Complete~!
Either the judgement became more lenient or I just got lucky but this is the highest accuracy rating I got the tune so far. I wish I managed this when the clear condition was still at 91%.

Memory of Beach, along with Seeker, is a tune that I’ve played so many times in just about every PSP and PC (re: Trilogy and Online) DJMax game, but for some reason, I can NEVER do well in them.

DJMax Ray - Bronze medal~!
Got a bronze for clearing all difficulties of Heart Beat with B grade or above.
DJMax Ray - Silver medals~!
I later upgraded the bronze for Heart Beat to a silver by clearing a few difficulties with S rank.

It’s kind of strange but you can get bronze AND silver medals simultaneously after completing all of a tune’s lines and difficulties. Gold will probably never happen since it would require me to get S rank on MX modes which is next to impossible. :B Maybe if I had a gear, note, and coolbomb that greatly raised judgement, then maybe I could do it.

Here’s a funny screen:

DJMax Ray - Nightmare 4L/MX Button Mash XD
Only got through this by button mashing. XD Tried to do the same on 5L but it didn’t work. ^^

I have two more songs to unlock but I’m having doubts that I’ll be able to do it since I think one of the challenges is WhiteBlue 5L/HD with Fade Out 2 Clear and my timing gets thrown off part way through it. WhiteBlue has always been one of my fave tunes but I don’t like any of  its note patterns in this game or Tap Sonic. :/

The only beef I really have with this game is that there are far too few tracks right now. I only want to replay them so many times before I’m bored. :\ Sometimes, I’d put the effector on Random just to get different patterns but randomly generating patterns typically throws in crazy slide notes that span the entire play area. >_>

Oh, and since I’m racking up Max big time, it would have been nice if Neowiz had more gears, notes, etc. as unlocks or allow players to purchase the 5th tune of any music pack with Max. >:\ Honestly, I’m not crazy about any of the Ray-exclusive tracks but I’d still like to see them unlocked. XD

Edit: WTF! I was about to complete the 2nd Feel challenge (full combo on 5L/HD) and then the game just terminates shortly before the end of the tune. >_> Goddamn.

Edit #2: Girlz has a fun pattern on all difficulties. Its MX pattern is pretty easy too!

Edit #3: Ahaha. I was failing the Extra Challenge for Feel (Fade In 2 + 90% clear) on 5L/HD or MX and the game kicked me out mid-way though. XD

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