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Ys Celceta – Visual Guide to Solving the Touch Puzzle in the Gold Space (黄金の間) in Iris

The touch puzzle may seem intimidating at first but it’s actually very easy once you understand the fact that your starting location can change.

Edit: Here’s a video version:


The overall goal is to conquer all 4 doorways (marked in the screenshot below as red dots) by moving 1 – 3 sections of the disc to connect paths to the platforms. It’s impossible to reach all four doorways from the initial starting point. Having said this, there is an altar in front of each of the doorways which will act as a new starting point when you reach one.

Each time you complete a challenge, one of the cubes surrounding the northern area will glow. Once all 4 of them are activated, the gates to the north will be accessible.

In the following screenshots, the treasure chests may not always appear. ^^ This is because I did screencaps with two different save games.

Anyway, here’s what the puzzle looks like from the start:

You are currently working from the lower area. Every hexagon represents a platform. Notice how the section within the red rectangle above corresponds with the mini map below:

The northern chest is covering the platform a bit but I assure you that, just like the puzzle screen shows, you cannot reach that platform as it’s not connected to the starting point. The chest on the right side is, however. This one contains 10 Purple Cloud Stones (紫雲石). Incidentally, rotating the outer ring counter-clockwise once for the next path should get you to a gold chest on the left side that has Armageddon (アルマゲドン), a weapon for Canlilica. All solutions for connecting paths to chests are at the bottom of this guide.

Now to get to the first door, move the rings so the paths connect like this from your location:

This is what the layout looks like with the mini map. (Yeah, my party’s already at the doorway. ^^):

Click here to see the path traced out in a red line. ^^; Sorry for not using an arrowhead but I figure that having the mini map view as an accompanying reference source should be enough.

As you can see, the doorways are shown on the mini map as small red rectangles like regular exits. Enter through the one you’re in front of to fight a bunch of spiders. They are rather quick and can easily swarm you so take caution not to let them gang up on any party member.

Now, since you’re at another altar, keep in mind that when you rotate the discs, the paths should be made to connect to where you’re standing. (I kind of used the wrong screenshot in that link since I already moved the paths then but it should get the point across. ^^) So, to get to the door on the right, make the touch puzzle look like this:

This is the path you’re looking for: Click~! And here is the mini map version. (Again, I took it after I move the group. This will be a recurring theme ^^):

The fight here consists of a bout against hyperactive frog-like enemies. Like the spiders, they’re jumpy and rather quick.

Once that’s over, you can either make your way to the gold chest nearby for a Valkyrie Dress +3 (ヴァルキリードレス+3) or return to the altar at the entrance of the room. (I tried but there doesn’t seem to be a way to the doorways on the west without going from the original starting point.)

Back at the origin point, arrange the rings like this:

The route traced in red~ And here’s the mini map:

Ugh. The monsters are those archer types that can be encountered in the Ancient Underground Ruin. They’re slow but they can inflict a whole lot of status effects on the party. >_< The effects are removed when returning to the Gold Space though.

To get to the final doorway, the touch puzzle should end up as:

Red outline showing the way: Click~! Mini map view:

There are slow enemies here too. I didn’t really pay attention to any special attacks they did. ^^

When all four doorways are completed, the northern gates will open to reveal a gold chest.

If you haven’t already, you can nab any remaining chests before heading there. The one right across from your current position is really easy to get to. Otherwise, just connect the paths in the following manner to get to the exit area:

I got lazy and didn’t trace out the path but here’s the mini map screenshot:

The gold chest sitting in the center has Ragnarok (ラグナレク), a weapon for Ozma.

There’s a waystone up ahead which can only mean one thing! In fact, here’s a screencap of the boss: 😀 Although it’s pretty much a palette swap of the silver one, its tactics and attacks are different.

Anyway, here are the solutions to getting all the chests. There may be other routes to them?

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