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Ys Celceta – Cheapest Method to Upgrade Weapons

I don’t take credit for this as the information was given by a fellow member over The Ancient Land of Ys forum.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Buy some Short Swords (ショートソード) from the weapons shop in Casnan.
  2. Start upgrading all the stats on the sword to 9. The best place to do this is in Selray as you get a much larger selection of materials to work from. You should notice that the cost of each upgrade is pretty small! 😀 The sword should end up as Short Sword +72 as seen in the screenshot below.
  3. Now select a weapon you want to reinforce. In my case, it was Adol’s Rune Blade. As you see, it can only transfer about 40% of each stat. It’s supposed to do this. In fact, even after fusing 2 maxed out Short Swords, all stats will only be at 8.
    Check out the second screen below. If you were to directly reinforce the Rune Blade with individual materials, you’d be spending a fortune but with this method, it’s only 2000 G~!
  4. Repeat steps 1 – 3 to get all stats to 8. The second Short Sword +72 you apply will be much more expensive but you’re still saving a ton overall. :3 For example, in the case of the Rune Blade +32, attempting to fuse it with even one Iron Ingot (鉄塊), which will up the sword to +33, will cost you 14,800 G. *o* But look! The synthesis with the Short Sword +72 will get you +4 for everything and not just +1 for Attack if an Iron Ingot was used!

Technically, the same method should work for armour as well where you take the weakest one and build it up and then fuse it to the armour you want to use.

Ideally, you want stats to be above 5 since it seems to me that status effects like Poison will rarely affect enemies otherwise. :/

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