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Quick Tiny Farm FAQ

I’m seeing a lot of search results leading to my bitchfest post back in March or April about Tiny Farm. Many people are looking to know how to breed certain animals, how to make money quick, how to get Bells fast, etc. I’m going to address some of those here.

First off, what people need to realize that the speed of the game is done in such a way that it benefits Com2uS; that is, they’re hoping you’ll cave in and spend money on in-app purchases. Having noted this, if you have next to no patience, DO NOT PLAY TINY FARM. Well, unless you have no qualms about handing over money to buy virtual currency over and over again. After all, this is how the majority of freemium games work.

For what it’s worth, I have only spent $0.99 (+ tax) on this game and that was to buy 50 Bells during the really short-lived special for beginners Com2uS that had. Although it was labelled as some introductory price promotion, it was available for all players. I think this happened last month or in August. The rest of the Bells were obtained through regular in-game means or via Tapjoy offers.

Anyway, let’s get started.


1) How do I get more Bells?

There are several ways:

  • Make use of the Free Bell offers which require you to install and run apps, sign up for services, and some other stuff.
    Tiny Farm - Free Bells
    Download apps, sign up for crap, or even buy crap to earn some free Bells.

    Tiny Farm - Free Bells via Tapjoy
    An example of offers and the amount of bells for each one. I think there are more offers for Android users than iOS?
  • Get yourself a Christmas Tree or Bell Tree or both types of trees. 😛 Upgrade them up (with Bells >_>;;) to reduce the wait time.
    Tiny Farm - Automatic Bells
    The rate at which you get Bells from the trees isn’t very quick but that doesn’t matter if you’re patient.

    Incidentally, I bought the Bell Tree by making use of the Netflix sign-up offer. 😛 It still shows as being available because … I have no idea. I did the other through the Tapjoy site itself instead of through Tiny Farm. Maybe that had something to do with it? Regardless, it gave me my 100+ Bells so I’m not complaining. 😛

    Anyway, Com2uS also had some celebration where they handed out 30 or 50 Bells or something so I used all the Bells I saved up to purchase the Bell Tree + upgrade both it and Christmas Tree at the same time. The upgrade was 50 Bells to bring the wait time to 23 hours (instead of the default 36 hours). Unfortunately, the level 3 upgrade costs 150 Bells each. 9__9

  • Level up your animals~! You will get 1 Bell at  Level 3 and another when you master them (Level 5).

    Tiny Farm - Congratulation!
    Mastery levels 3 & 5 will get you 1 Bell each so keep feeding and nurturing your animals~!
  • Buy them. Obviously, Com2uS wants you do to this but don’t give in since it works out to be an extremely expensive option. This is especially true if you want to outfit your farm or beach with all the decorations and animals.Com2uS may actually give out Bells on special occasions as well so it’s a good idea to keep up-to-date with events and such by logging into Tiny Farm daily or checking out their Website, Tumblr, Twitter, or the Tiny Farm hub space in the Com2uS Hub. (Too lazy to link them all. Just do a Web search for them. :P)


2) How do I make money (gold) fast?

There is no quick method other than going the in-app purchase way but remember that every little bit counts and there’s a myriad of ways to make money:

  • Plant crops. Always make an effort to level up your farm so you can keep adding field patches. Also, for growing crops, don’t assume the highest number of gold will get you the most money. You have to take into account the amount of money you use to purchase the crop and the amount of time it takes to get the money to see if the return is worth it.
  • Feed animals. Along with 1 Happiness point and XP, you will get some gold! The amount of gold is dependent on the animal.
  • Level up animals. Level 2 and Level 4 get you 100 gold each~! On top of this, mastering an entire collection may net you some extra gold too!
  • Add fellow Tiny Farm users to your Friends list and visit them every 24 hours. You can make 750 gold a day since you are limited to visiting 15 farms.
    Tip #1: Ignore the hell out of Alfredo since that’s Com2uS’ own farm and it only exists to showcase the various animals, decorations, etc. that you can have in the game. Alfredo will NEVER visit your farm.
    Tip #2: When you visit a neighbour’s farm, bestow your love on higher tier animals to to get the most XP. The more XP you get, the faster you can level up your farm~! :3
  • Invest in a Food Factory and/or Ice Cream Parlor. Both structures churn out a set amount of gold every few hours. Once you have a Tiny Beach, you have even more options to make money such as Fishing Boats and a Small Ice Cream Bar. Like the Bell Trees, these facilities can be upgraded. I’m not sure you can shorten the time span between output but you can definitely increase the amount of money you make from them.

    Tiny Farm - Automatic Gold
    Invest in facilities or boats (in Tiny Beach) to get some extra money every few hours~!
  • Complete animal collections for special decorations. This is kind of a special case, I think, since most collections just give trophies or new animals. Anyway, the pirate ship you see in the screenshot above was obtained by completing the Pirate Animals Level 1 collection. The ship produces 250 gold every … 6(?) hours. I can’t remember and I can’t check right now. ^^ The pirate animals are currently only available via Mysterious or Burning Eggs, I think. 😦
  • Get some fish for your Tiny Beach. This only applies to users with Level 30+ farms. I believe all fish give you some amount of gold.
  • Breed animals to sell. Sometimes, the baby animal that you get from breeding is worth less than the amount you paid to breed but there are also times where you’ll get a profit.
    Tiny Farm - Breed Animals to Sell
    Breed animals to Sell!

    Tiny Farm - Don't need another Yellow Duck!
    $$$! Making 700 gold back!

Oh yes, there are little objectives that pop up at the left side of the screen now and then that’ll offer you experience and gold. I tend to find that they’re not really worth it in terms of money since you never make back even half of what you spend to fulfil the conditions.

Also, I think early on in the game, you may get XP and/or gold for levelling up your farm. If I remember correctly, all I got was “Congratulation!” when I got to level 40. :E

3) How do I get more Love Points?

The method is almost the same as getting gold except it has nothing to do with planting crops or levelling animals.

  • Purchase a Love House. It’ll give you +5 Love for every 12 hours. You can level up the building to make it churn out LP faster.
  • Visit Friends. You’ll get 1 Love Point per visit every 24 hours. The maximum you can get in a single day is 15 LP.
  • Buy more Love Points with Bells under the SP menu.

    Tiny Farm - Buy Hearts with Bells
    I’m pretty sure these options don’t increase your maximum Love Points. :/


4) How do I get < certain type of animal >?

Let’s take a look at the cute little chickens~ I’m going to label the regular Chicken as A, Brown Chicken as B, and the Black Chicken as C.

Tiny Farm - My Breeding Formula ^^
Letters represent their tier type! Brown Chicken = B = tier 2. Black Chicken = C = tier 3.

So the formula goes like this:

  1. A + A = B
  2. A + B = C or B + B = C
  3. C + C = C or B + C = C or C + C = Tier 1 Talking Animal

Note: This is what I follow myself. I have no idea if this is the “official” way of breeding to get higher tier animals. XD

You also have to take into consideration the levels of the animals. The higher their levels, the more likely you will get the higher tier offspring. For example, if you’re breeding the hell out of Chickens in hopes of getting a Brown one, you may find that you keep getting regular Chickens instead. This is most likely due to the fact that their levels are low. (I have no idea what the optimal level is.)

And yes, sometimes even breeding together tier 3 ones (like two Black Chickens) will result in a regular Chicken.

Also, you can also use of the Ranger’s Cabin to purchase animal. There will be many times where you can use gold to buy ones that that can only be purchased from store with Bells or through breeding. I find that it’s rare to see the highest tier types (re: the 3rd type of any animal) listed though.

5) Is there a hack/Are there any cheats for Tiny Farm?

There could be! But I doubt that it’ll work because everything is server-side so even if you manage to give yourself lots of gold, hearts, or even Bells, the game will detect that something is off and reset the values of everything you modified since they don’t match the cached copy on the server.  (There’s a reason the game only works if you’re connected to the Internet. :P) Note that illegally modifying the game can get you banned from the Com2uS Hub. They may even go to extremes and IP ban you which will make it impossible to even log in with a new Hub ID so if you enjoy Com2uS games, don’t cheat their systems.

4 thoughts on “Quick Tiny Farm FAQ

  1. i wanted to add that the Free Bell thing has a Tapjoy 1 bell offer that reoccurs every 24 hours if you put in a wrong email and password…. its weird thou cause it doesn’t work anymore on my phone but when i log in with my girlfriends phone it does. As you can see from my picture im a hardcore T’Farmer.. which is quite said since im a grown man and its a game made for 13 year Korean girls :p

  2. Can someone please explain the “change the look of an animal” tutorial? I can’t find the exact tutorial again and I don’t remember what they are talking about. …thanks

    1. After tapping on an animal, look for the “refresh” button at the top right of the animal’s portrait. It’ll bring you to the transformation page.

  3. Hi, I made an in-app purchase in Tiny Farm and a weird message in Korean pop up after my purchase-was-successful-message appeared. I do not read Korean, so I just pressed ok(which is the only option)to cancel it off. The game runs as per normal but the item that I bought never appeared. Does anyone has similar experiences? Mind sharing a solution for this problem?

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