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Ys Celceta Log #12

The most recent map update will be toward the end of the log. :3

  • Just spotted a red chest. ………… It had a Sorcery Cloth+3 (ソーサリークロス+3). I spent money buying 3 of this type of armour. 😦
  • Taking a detour to Selray for a sec. I just want to see if I missed the chance to bump into Michey there.
    Cool. Found the freaky cat-thing. I’ll post screens of all the locations. (Right now, I can only find it in 5 out of its 6 locations since the last one is in an area I haven’t been to yet.)
    Ergh. Its location in Danan is … >_>Edit: Added 6th location for Michey~! :3
  • Michey Locations (* They must be done in the following order, I believe. Highlight to see~):

    1. In Highland, after you meet Canlilica. It’s right next to entrance to the stable.
    2. In the lower west side of Selray, on a small island in the river.
    3. In Casnan at the, uh, observation area off of the parapet walkway. This area is west of the Government General building.
    4. In Comodo with the pikkards. The pen is just west of the entrance gateway to the village.
    5. In Danan hiding behind a post.
    6. In The Roos’ Nest after obtaining the Sacred Beast Bangle (聖魔の腕輪). You must wear the Bangle in the Nest and speak to him/her/it while in Roo form. It may require a zone refresh so exit and re-enter if necessary. For me, Michey appeared after I went to the room with Gran Roo and spoke to everywhere there + received the memory fragment from Miroo. 
  • Trying to find the Golding Pikkard (G・ピッカード). It’s not easy. I only managed to locate it in two areas but there’s apparently three known spots. I found it in the 木濡れ日の遺跡 but was taking a screencap at the time and it took off while it was saving. 9__9 Here’s the screenshot for good measure: Click~! (It’s in the top left side of the image. :P)
    Edit on Oct 21: I found all three locations. I never realized it but if you enter an area where it’s currently at, you’ll hear a squeak. Anyway, here they are:
    1) 暁の森・湖沼地帯 – Usually found between the waystone and the open area going northward.
    2) 暁の森・木濡れ日の遺跡 – Hanging around the north.
    3) 暁の森・西部 – Easiest shown with the overworld map. ^^ It’s in the dead end area. Here’s a screenshot of the pikkard but it’s kind of a spoiler in a way: Click if you must see the pikkard. ^^ Here’s what happened a second later. XD
  • So it’s back to the Forest of Ash. There’s an area where the poison gas barrier will alternate depending on which one you “deactivate” with Frida’s Personal Action; that is, if you perform the PA on the gas on the north route, the gas on the west side will rise. There’s a chest in the west area, BTW. It contains a Golden Axe (金の斧).
  • In the next zone, there’s a chest for Dulen in the east side. The north route is blocked. :/ This is also the area where the first red memory fragment is. Its located beneath some thick roots (or branches?) and can only be accessed via the marsh path.
  • I’m not sure why these are consider memories since they don’t seem to be Adol’s memories as it’s a conversation between the villains and then it later shifts to Leo. Adol isn’t present in any of the scenes. He still receives a max HP boost of +10 though!
  • Man, this area sure is big and full of giant fish and manta-like enemies.
  • There are exits to the northeast and west sides but I’ll just backtrack back south a few screens since there’s an area I missed. 9__9
  • Hmmm. There’s a chest on the roots/branches here. And to the east of it is this strange glowing light. It doesn’t attack you and you can’t interact with it.
  • Now I’m back at the marsh section. Taking the west route, I arrive at a camp site. Adol has a dream where Eldeel is talking to him. No increases to stats or hitpoints but you do get more memory fragment locations. I think the red one directly north of the little Adol head is new. Same with the two furthest north.:

    Ys Celceta - More memories!
    75.8% done! It’s still a ways until I hit the homestretch though!
  • North of the camp is the Forest of Spore. But since there are dried vine-like things blocking the way, I will have to take the northeast exit in the marshy area.
  • Ooh. FINALLY! It’s a Madgura Slef thing! I can finish the Selray side quest now!! And the log will end here. ^^~

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