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Ys Celceta Trophy List

Skipping out on a play log again since it’s too late to start playing and recording the gameplay. ^^ I’ll do my best to continue with it tomorrow. I just had some errands and such to do today. :/

Partially translated trophy list

Edited on December 10th, 2013: I substituted my crappy translations with the official XSEED ones. 😛 But I left the descriptions as well as the original Japanese trophy titles alone for the most part. FYI, most of the official English translations are not literal translations at all. Oh, and the character names are the official English ones too.

Original description: Taken from and (only for the hidden trophies after the story-related ones. The info about the duration-based trophies for individual characters was taken from I did this as an exercise for myself and I figure people can do without the Engrish translations from Google Translate. I never aim to do literal translations and try to capture the meaning of the original text instead. There are some that aren’t translated since I can’t figure out what to translate them as. ^^  I lack vocabulary and creative writing skills. =__=~

Warning: This list contains some spoilers.

Grade Trophy Description
Platinum Timeless Adventurer
Obtained all trophies
Gold Master Cartographer
Uncovered all of Celceta [Re: Map at 100%]
Gold Memories Unfogged
Recovered all memories
Silver Treasure Hunter
Opened all chests
Silver Stupendous Scavenger
Discovered all materials from every harvest point
Silver All the Things*
Obtained all items*
Silver Monster Meister
Completed the Monster compendium
Silver Material Boy
Collected all materials
Silver Philanthropist
Completed all quests
Bronze Wordless Affinity
Befriended every animal [Re: the ones you can feed]
Bronze Mishy Masher
Discovered all 6 locations of Mishy
Bronze Jack of All Trades
Mastered all skills [Re: Every skill at level 3 for every character]
Bronze Only the Best Will Do
Reinforced a single weapon or piece of armour to its limit [Re: All stats to +9. The weapon or armour should have +72 at the end.]
Bronze Money For Something
Obtained 1,000,000 Gold
Bronze Sea of Trees Unbroken
Connected all paths in Celceta by removing all obstacles that blocked them
Bronze Tickled Pink
Allowed party members to be tickled by Momocha (モモチャ) a.k.a. Zara in the English version many times [Momocha is the little girl in the building with the message board in Selray. There are actually specific times to see her.]
Bronze Heard It All
Purchased all bits of informaton from Information Dealer, Mouse (マウス) [He’s in the stand in the back alley in Casnan. There are 8 different pieces of information.]
Bronze Touche, Salesman
Exhibited talent of being a merchant [You have to complete and get the BEST rewards in 3 different quests: 鉄鉱の買い取り (in Casnan), 臨時店番の募集(in Selray), and 銀の買い取り (in Highland).
The Casnan and Highland ones require you to haggle so keep refusing offers until you see 6250 G for the Casnan one and the クチバシハンマーfor Highland. For Selray, see the link for the answers.]
Bronze Trails in the Mud
Travelled an extraordinary distance by foot [The game’s only looking for 200 クリメライ]
Bronze Valorous Vanquisher
Defeated 2000 enemies
Bronze Impenetrable
Performed “Flash Guard” 50 times
Bronze Now You See Me
Performed “Flash Move” 50 times
Bronze Things Are Looking Up
Performed “Aerial Combo” 1000 times
Bronze When You Got It
Executed “Skill Finish” 500 times
Bronze Cunning Strategist
Achieved “Excellent Kill” 500 times
Bronze Gold Hunter
Defeated the rare golden animal
Bronze Lord of the Jungle
Defeated the lord of the ocean(?) 樹海の主を倒した [Defeat Foria-Daros (フォリアダロス), the enemy in the northern part of the east region of the Forest of Dawn.]
Bronze Swordsman Extraordinaire
Adventured a while as Adol [Re: Used the character as your player character for ~5 hours?]
Bronze Well-Traveled Informant
Adventured a while as Duren
Bronze Master Huntress
Adventured a while as Karna
Bronze Terrific Tribal Chief
Adventured a while as Ozma
Bronze Apostle for the Ages
Adventured a while as Canlilica
Bronze Enchanting Storyteller
Adventured a while as Frieda
Bronze In Search of Lost Memories
Began the adventure in “Foliage of the Ocean”/Celceta
Bronze Mine Raider
Rescued trapped miners [Re: Clear main plot point in Casnan]
Bronze Proof of Life
Discovered a settlement in the Great Forest.
Bronze Homecoming For Some
神隠しの謎を突き止めた [Re: Clear main plot point in Comodo]
Bronze Pure Waters
Resolved the case of the tainted river [Re: Clear main plot point in Selray]
Bronze Closer to the Truth
Arrived at the 始原の地 (The Primeval Lands) through the underground ruins [Re: Clear main plot point in the Ancient Underground Ruin]
Bronze White Wings
Reunited with Eldeel at the Tower of Providence. [Re: Clear the main plot point in the Tower of Divine Guidance]
Bronze A Storied Village
Discovered the village of Danan through the Underground Forest [I think you get this after clearing the main plot point at Danan]
Bronze Lost Kingdom
Arrived at The Ruin of Elduke
Bronze Mask In Hand
Recovered both pieces of the Mask of the Moon
Bronze Beyond Lies Your Goal
Opened the door to the Temple of the Sun
Bronze The Darkling Ordeal
Overcame the trials presented by Gruda [Re: Defeated Akasha-Glyph]
Bronze Adventurer
Completed the adventure in “Foliage in the Ocean”/”Memories of Celceta”
Bronze Better Man
Won the duel against Duren [You get this from the Comodo side quest labelled “剣術稽古志願”]
Bronze Waking Dream
Cleared the game on Nightmare difficulty
Bronze Reckless Abandon*
Defeated a boss within 30 seconds in Time Attack mode* [I highly recommend Volnake for this. If done on Easy difficulty, you can definitely defeat the boss in under 20 seconds with the right skills and accessories equipped.]
Bronze Like the Wind*
Defeated a boss in Time Attack without taking damage* [Like the previous comment, Volnake is a great candidate for this trophy.]
Bronze The Strongest Pro*
Completed Boss Rush mode*
Bronze Untouchable*
Completed Boss Rush mode without using the retry option*

*These trophies cannot be obtained until a second playthrough or beyond.

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