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DJMax Ray issues

Edit on Feb 1st, 2013: I meant to write this earlier but Neowiz has decided to not even try to support jailbroken devices. They just automatically assume everyone that uses one pirates, I guess. Pretty sad. This just means they won’t get my money. Anyway, I could swear that Tap Sonic is immune to IAP hacking but works fine with jailbroken devices so why can’t apply the same type of programming or whatever to DJMax Ray?

Edit on March 17, 2013: I’ve upgraded to iOS 6.1.2 yesterday and updated to the newest version of DJMax Ray so I decided to give it a try again. With jailbreak, you can now log into Pmangplus and be online for ranking and stuff but you CANNOT buy any in-app purchases. Since I wanted to explore 6.1.2 more, I restored my iPod touch and currently using stock OS. It was only this way that I was able to buy the Dramatic music pack. (I wanted it for My Heart, My Soul, and Ventilator.) :/


Update on October 10th: I got a reply back from PmangPlus support. They said that they’ve already submitted an update (version 1.0.2) that should fix the random data reset problem. I really hope it does. >:/


Neowiz released version 1.0.1 yesterday which addresses some sort of login issue to PmangPlus. Since I’m not getting rampant data reset issues whenever I finish a tune, I assume that the update was somehow related to that. However, I still experience the following:

  • If you happen to be taking a screenshot of a results screen and accidentally hold the Home button too long, the game will minimize (which is normal behaviour) but the user data will reinitialize. >_> I suppose the quick fix for this is not to take screencaps of the game but seriously, something like this shouldn’t exist and is a developer issue.
  • The game abruptly exiting/minimizing into the multi-task area while playing. This can happen at any time with any song. The good thing is that you’re not thrown back to level 1 anymore when you go back into the game. I’m guessing this could be some sort of memory leak problem? I just manually exit and restart the game from time to time in hopes that that’ll help. ^^ I really hate nearly full comboing a tune and racking up a high score only for the stupid app to close on itself. >:E

I’ve had to start all over multiple times already and really wish they could have just gotten the bugs ironed out before the game’s release. I know some folks that were/are getting errors when attempting to do in-app purchases but I was lucky enough that mine went through with little issue. It was still a scare when I didn’t get a purchase confirmation right away though. Hopefully, the latest update corrected the IAP problems too.

Sigh. Kind of annoyed that it’s going to take a while to reach my original leaderboard points. 😛 I was at level 10 when the game just hiccuped and kicked me back to level 1. >___>

Anyway, I’m not a Technika player so Ray is the first time I’ve never heard this tune. I like this quite a bit~!

Also like Angel~! I wonder if Technika Tune has these? Guess I could look up the track list of the game.

Ah! Splendid! They are~! :3 Oh geez, Jumpin’ by KARA is too? XD I’m only familiar with the Japanese version though. Hoping the US release won’t take out some of these tracks cuz it looks like a pretty good list! (DJMax Metro Project? Is that a combination of Clazziquai Edition and Black Square or something? :/ Oh, it includes the first Technika as well?)

Oh yeah, meant to show this earlier:

DJMAX Ray - Extracting the music files
i-FunBox for all your iOS browsing needs! :3 (

i-FunBox is a file manager for Windows and Mac platforms and you can use it with your iOS device even if it’s not jailbroken. (However, if you intend to do some illegal software installations — re: pirating apps — you’ll find that the program won’t support such things.)

The screenshot shows the folder where you can find your music. I have a suspicion that the app already includes all the tracks and note patterns and that IAP only unlocks them because, IIRC, I didn’t have to do any additional downloads when I bought the bundle.

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