Ys Celceta Log #3

It’s the usual spiel — updates until 12 AM EDT (North American time).

  • Pro tip: Always check the mini map and move the High-Low slider to see if there are any cut-off, darkened areas. I’m pretty certain it’s easy to miss the 0.x for 100% completion. .___.~
  • So Adol has yet another weird dream. Looks like a new memory fragment has been marked on the map. Taking a screenshot of it so people get can idea of where I am right now (in case the previous few lines in the last log wasn’t obvious enough). ^^ .

  • I just noticed that I completely ignored an area to the east where a memory fragment is marked. Since I’m no where near a waystone, I’m stuck progressing southward. :/
  • Memory time! Some library place? Ooh. Strength went up by 1!
  • Another underwater chest! It’s  in the  pond with all the stupid flower monsters, east of the Crater of Gidona.
  • In the Crater of Gidona now. It took me all this time to realize how useless Dulen’s weapon is against most enemies around here.  I spot a waystone toward the north! ……. Falcom, how can enemies shoot through rocks!?
  • Wow. That’s really roundabout. The chest in the Forest of Dawn that was on land that was across the river (with all the blue spiders) can be reached by heading north in the Crater. ^^ Oh cool, you can lower the bridge! 😀 Guess I can skip out of this area for a while to go after the eastern area.
  • A red chest has been spotted east of the bridge~! It contains Life Ring I (ライフリングI) which increases Max HP +100!
  • That unreachable chest only had 10 yellow crystals. :V
  • Back to the entrance of the Forest of Dawn, just north of the first camp site. Gonna check the eastern side now (if I can).
  • In the east now. There’s a red chest to the north. It’s a Short Sword+3! It comes with Absorb HP and Inflict Freeze. Too bad its attack power is 19 less than the Long Sabre. Guess I should have checked this place out earlier. 😛
  • There’s a dead end to the north that looks like it won’t be available until later. Eastward, ho!
  • Ooh. Lock picking time for Dulen! (Chest is in a water area south of the memory fragment.) Gold Ingot get!
  • More adorable little Adol! ^__^~  Looks like he’s listening to a story from a village elder and being all inquisitive like a typical little kid. DEF +1 after viewing~!
    Ys Celceta - Another childhood memory

  • Well, this is bizarre. Past the little pond with the level 18 monster is a blocked off area with a single Kobonga monster (blue ape thing) with a red chest. It spotted the party and started hurling boulders at them so I moved them further away. The monster kept moving closer and closer while chucking rocks and then it managed to move beyond all the giant rocks that were keeping Adol and Dulen out. 😛 Of course, I couldn’t get the characters around the barricade. 9__9
  • Swapped out the Long Sabre for the Short Sword+3 for fun. Each successful hit recovers 1 HP. :B Ha. Beating on dead bodies of enemies also counts.
  • Back in the previous area. Heading southeast now. Ugh. This section with tall grass has three of those Fabros (giant boar-like creatures). I should really learn to switch to Dulen to fight these things. ^^ They kept ramming into Adol. XD Never managed to pull off any Flash stuff. Oh hey, a red chest! It’s an Iron Brest+2. Giving it to Dulen since it has a bit of poison resistance. …… Boo-urns. Another blocked off path. >:E
  • Gah! Back at the zone with the first Forest of Dawn waystone but immediately ran into the level 18 monster. ^^; Let’s see if I have enough time to roll all the way to the ‘stone.
  • Back in the Gidona region. Heading to the blue flag that’s right underneath the giant tree. Ah, it’s Comodo~! Ooh, the BGM is pretty~~ I wonder if we’ll be meeting Carna soon? D’ah! Looks like Adol’s done something in the past that offended the villagers here? :0
  • And there she is! Her voice seems kind of young. Guess I’m used to Dawn of Ys Carna. ^^ Oh no. There’s this part where you’re supposed to sneak around the village. ^^;;;; Tried walking into a house and got caught. XD
  • Huh, there’s a memory fragment here on the east side of the top-most floor. Ah, Lemonos or whoever. I faintly remember what happened to this character in one of the Ys IV games. Ooh! You get to control Adol in this flashback. :3 Running around Comodo right now. Found a room with some cute birds. (Eh? Are Carna and Lemonos blood-related siblings?)
  • …. How is Lemonos playing those sounds by strumming the harp strings vertically like that? !!! Mysterious masked person! D: D’oh. Adol’s done reminiscing. Got STR +1.
  • Now reporting  to Carna’s father about the masked person. Whoa. What’s going on outside? (Totally ignored the statue in the flashback. I wonder if you get something from it? I doubt it but it’s too late to check now.) Time to investigate fighting noises! Also, stopping here so I can add images to this post. ^^

4 thoughts on “Ys Celceta Log #3”

  1. Can you help me please ? I’m trying to get to the blue flag under the tree, but I can’t seem to find the way 😦 . From the 2 way points near each other I head southwest, but the area is blocked. The above tree log looks moveable, but how do I push it down ? Or is it not this way. In your screenshot It looks like you passed through here. Thank you.


    1. Pretty certain you need to get through the Woods of Strays (迷いの森) (https://koukoupuffs.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/2012-10-20-180045.jpg <– the location into it is marked on the right side of the screenshot) in order to continue south in that area of Forest of Dawn.

      Once you get through the Woods of Strays (I have the solution to the maze in my previous log, BTW. :3), you'll end up back into the main Forest of Dawn area and also be at a spot to make camp. If you continue eastward, you will actually come across the log that's currently preventing you from going west in that second screencap you provided. 😀

      1. I’m so stupid. I didn’t even go to the woods of strays. kept trying to hit the log from below ^^; Then I read somewhere that Carna can lower bridges so i started looking for her. Ended up doing Ozma’s quest first.

        Anyways, Thanks for your help \(^o^)/

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