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FreeMyApps: It’s NOT a scam

Disclaimer: I do not work for Fiksu, Inc. or FreeMyApps nor was I paid to endorse the app or program. I am merely an end user blogging about my own experience.


I started using FreeMyApps (FMA) back in April of this year mainly as a means to get Amoebattle for free which I did after installing about 8 apps I didn’t end up keeping.  Alas, the program no longer allows users to redeem apps from the App Store but instead, you can exchange credits for iTunes, Amazon and Postagram gift cards in varying denominations ranging from $1 to $50 (which applies to iTunes only. Amazon caps at $25). The Website also states that you can redeem Xbox Live credits but I don’t see it as an option in the app.

FreeMyApps - Sponsor Apps
FreeMyApps – Sponsor Apps

Anyway, the official site gives you a run down of how everything works but here’s my version of it so you don’t need to create another tab in your browser: you’ll need the FMA app itself that’s only available from them by visiting the site ( on your mobile device. Once installed, you will be able to download a bunch of free sponsor apps which are worth x-amount of credits that can be used in exchange for the aforementioned gift cards. After downloading them, run them for 30 seconds; for anything that requires sign up, just ignore that and leave the app going. When the elapsed time has passed, return to the FMA app and you should see the credit amount (whatever the app was “worth”) in the top right corner. (My screencaps were done in reverse order so I have less credits in the one below. :P)

FreeMyApps - Gifts Screen
FreeMyApps – Gifts Screen

Yeah, everyone wants to rake in credits quickly but companies price things in such a way that it benefits them not the user. 😛 Having noted this, FMA adds new offers fairly often so if you’re eyeing the higher valued gift cards, it’s worth it to load up the app every now and then (or follow the FMA Twitter and Facebook accounts for updates). There’s also a referral program that net you some extra credits. I haven’t posted my link since I feel kind of bad taking advantage of strangers.

Ideally, the sponsors would like you to leave their apps installed and to use them, but most of the time, I’m just loading them up for 30 seconds and then uninstalling them. I’ve kept very few apps. ^^ I mostly try out the games … except the obvious freemium village-building or card battle ones.

I suppose if you’re paranoid, you wouldn’t want to rampantly install new apps without looking up reviews or checking privacy statements first but since I don’t register for anything, I figure it’s all right.

Oh, there are some catches:

  1. You NEED to have a US  iTunes accounts. :\
  2. You HAVE to use Safari.
  3. It’s iOS-only.

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