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About the Magic Stones in Puzzle & Dragons

Yeah, I see you folks coming to this blog in search of some info on getting FREE Magic Stones. Well, I’m sorry to break to you but unless GungHo’s giving them out themselves, you won’t be able to get any. They DO hand out Magic Stones now and then and have been fairly recently due to all the milestone celebrations. In fact, the “Android release” campaign is still going on so they’ll be giving out 1 Magic Stone per day until October 1st (Japan Time).

Anyway, don’t even think that using IAP Cracker or anything similar, or even begging hackers to magically work-around the server-side system because it won’t work.

Incidentally, for you Android users, GungHo’s updated their list of supported devices: Keep that page bookmarked since I think they’ll be continually adding to it. (Actually, since they list the phone network providers, I’m not sure the game works outside of them?)

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