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Epic Pirates Story Alpha Demo Notice

Edit on November 10th, 2012: Uh, yeah. The deal with Epic Devs fell through a few weeks ago. Want to know the reason? Check here:


Did you know that the premiere Kairosoft fan site, Kairospot, has expanded to include up-and-coming developer, Epic Devs LLC? They have a little home on the forum since they’ll be putting out some Kairosoft-esque games in the near future! The first one on the list will be Epic Pirates Story.

In fact, just today, Epic Devs gave Kairospot a treat: all members have access to an alpha build of their game to check out the look and feel of what’s to come! It’s available for download for Android users to test out. However, do expect lots of bugs and the possibility that it may not even load up on your device. We invite everyone experiencing issues to report about them in the same thread.

Epic Pirates Story Alpha Screenshot
My name is Guybrush, er, Treep G. Woodbrush and I wanna be a pirate!

For those interested, you can nab the demo here: [Link has been removed since the forum and thread no longer exists. Again, check here for the reason.] You will most likely need to register/log in to see the thread though. The process should be painless. 😛

Even with the limited gameplay available, Epic Devs is getting some high praise from their toughest critics (since we’re all Kairosoft fans XD). I’m among those that are liking what they see. (AND hear cuz the background music’s pretty damn good.) Hopefully, the full game won’t disappoint.

As they’re focusing on Google’s platform first, iOS fans will have to wait as there’s no concrete date as to when they’ll get the port. :/

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