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The Brownies in Crimson Gem Saga

I decided to purchase the PSP version of this game as something to play while I wait for the new Ys game to get here. I just got to chapter 2 moments ago and came across the mini side quest where you fight a little group of monster children called the Brownies. They look awful cute outside of battle. ^^ And I love all the animations. ^o^

Anyway, not to spoil too much but did Killian have to do what he did? Spinel already pacified them and… Ugh. Seems like he acted on assumption that they’re greedy and wouldn’t keep their promise.

Whatever the reason, it was a total asshole move on his part. (Actually, he’s pretty much an immature, hot-headed moron. Why is he the main character? I suppose there’s character development that goes on? At least, I hope so.) It would have been different if the game actually showed the Brownies launching an attack on the party as they turned to leave or after they actually returned with the doll. At least then it could be said that Killian acted out of self-defense. :/

Anyway, I really didn’t like what I saw so I reloaded and decided just not to do that quest. 😛 Er, I should mention that regardless of what you pick — even if you hit the O button — the outcome will be the same. I don’t believe it has any affect on the ending though. But it would be kind of interesting if they had a karma thing going and you end up dealing with the consequences of being a grade A fucktard.

I may write up a proper post about the game later on. It’s not a bad game but the skill learning system kind of sucks balls. I smell grinding.

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