DJMAX TECHNIKA TUNE pre-orders opened at 12 PDT

I think the limited edition sold out in less than 30 minutes since on the official DJ Max (will they make up their mind on the official spelling of the word?) Facebook page, a user reported in at 12:21 PDT as being the 731st fan to secure a copy. (There will only be 750 of them produced!)

As for me, well, take a look:

DJMax Technika Tune LE pre-order purchase confirmation
Order #617~! :3

Yeah, by 12:07 PDT, 616 copies were already sold! It’s pretty crazy. I’m thinking some rich folks probably got multiple copies for resell though. :/

There were some hiccups during checkout where I suddenly lost connection to the store while it was calculating the shipping options to my postal code. It came back pretty quickly, however.

Regarding the shipping, I was only offered UPS as an option and that $21.72 is the Super Saver or whatever method. It was the cheapest since everything else was 1 or 2-day shipping. I’m not THAT desperate for it. Those particular shipping methods ranged from $80 – $97 too. I’m sure folks living in the United States got better shipping rates. ^^

Mmmm. Can’t wait for the game! I’ve never actually played Technika before even though there is an arcade in an adjacent city that has a Technika 2 machine. It’s usually swarmed by players, however, so I’m not sure I’d even be able to get a chance. (I suppose asking to have a go at it won’t hurt though. XD Not sure what the etiquette is at that arcade.)

Edit: Correction about the order number from Pentavision rep in reply to a comment at the official DJM Facebook page:  “… The order numbers are not based on how many LEs we’ve sold, they’re based on lifetime sales, including the Technika 3 Platinum Blue Collections.” Since Bemanistyle just tweeted to “[g]rab yours before they’re all gone!”, I think there are actually still some left! :O I know some people backed out after seeing the shipping costs. :/

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