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Tiny Farm Pirate Animals – Cross-Breeding Weirdness!

Since I am an Instagram addict when it comes to Tiny Farm screenshots, I took snapshots of all three pirate animals with their parents. I have no idea of there are other combinations but I used these ones based on information I found at the Com2uS message forum.

Tiny Farm: The Pirate Piggy and parents~!
Pirate Pig = Chicken + Pig~!
Tiny Farm: The Pirate Leghorn and parents~!
Pirate Leghorn = Leghorn + Black Rabbit~!
Tiny Farm: The Pirate Highlander and parents~!
Pirate Highlander = Highlander + Brown Spotted Pig~!

8 thoughts on “Tiny Farm Pirate Animals – Cross-Breeding Weirdness!

    1. D’oh! Looks like it was only available during the pirate animal promotion! >____< They may still be available via eggs though. :/ Also, there's a Halloween promo going on right now! Breed a Dairy Cow + Black Cow for the Dracula Cow. For the Zombie Alpaca, breed a Red Reindeer with an Alpaca!

  1. Hi, you don’t happen to have a screenshot of what animals have talking versions, do you? My collection crashes when I get passed the Long-Tailed Rooster =___=” I tried getting bluestacks on my PC to load the app so I can see it (I’m assuming the crash is cos of my old pooey iPod Touch 3G), but unfortunately, TF crashes when loading on bluestacks…so I’m kinda SOL in that regard. Thanks in advance!

    1. Yeah, the crash is probably a memory issue. I don’t have screenshots but I can list them for you. ^^ These are all the ones after the Long-Tailed Rooster:

      – Bearded Pig
      – Zebra
      – Boar <– This one's cute. ^o^
      – Unicorn
      – Rabbit
      – Spotted Rabbit
      – Hare
      – Reindeer
      – Sika Reindeer

      If you select Shop and then the star icon under the sheep icon, you can also see the list. ^-^ I think only the newest talking animals show up under the sheep icon (which are the Talking Reindeer and Talking Sika Reindeer as of the current TF update).

  2. how do you gt talking animals because ive got almost all the animals but i want more

    1. They’re usually obtained by breeding tier 3 of the same type (like Black Cow and Black Cow) but sometimes, they show up if tier 3 animals are mated with other tiers. Talking animals are not easy to get though. 😡

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