Sorry for changing themes so much within the last few days

It’s just difficult to settle on that I actually like. One annoying thing about the live preview feature is that it never displays the theme WITH all installed widgets. To me, it really makes a difference when it comes to whether or not I’ll choose that theme. I’d rather they straight up show it to me that way so I won’t need to constantly reload my blog.

I DO like Yoko, which was the one I was using before this one (called Sundance), but I discovered that paragraph text except bullet points were always displayed in a small font size when viewing a full blog post. Oddly, text was in a comfortable, readable font size on the front page.  It was just strange.

Sundance is similar to Yoko in layout so things are okay now … although I suppose I could do with a better header image. 😛 Maybe when I feel like it, I’ll try and create something better.

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