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Started with WordAds today

I’m just really curious about the piddly amount of money I’ll be making with this blog. XD I think I should be able to make back the domain registration fee within 12 months though. Well, that’s assuming that I won’t get less than $1.00 for the time period that the ad company assesses. If that’s the case, then I’ll have to redouble my efforts in blogging about useful stuff like writing mini guides and FAQs for various games that I play or just consider the payment of getting my own domain as, well, just that. (It wasn’t even expensive anyway. I paid $22 or something cuz I went with the private registrar instead.)

Yeah, there are other places that offer revenue for blogging and such but they all seem to require some sort of commitment such as x-number of articles per week or month. I don’t want to be tied down to those sort of rules. Besides, I enjoy writing about whatever comes to mind.

I really wish I discovered WordAds back in February when everyone playing FFXIII-2 was flocking here. ^^ If I were more into Kingdom Hearts 3D, I may have been able to attract a similar amount of visitors back when the game first came out over here in North America. As it stands now though, I’m holding back on continuing it until I get a 3DS XL because it’s a game that deserves to be on a larger screen.

The next major game title I’ll be tackling is the sure-to-be-glorious Ys: Foliage Ocean in Celceta. At least, I believe it will be because Ys SEVEN totally did not disappoint. Then again, SEVEN introduced the spiffy party system and the overall gameplay was highly addictive. Celceta builds on just about every mechanic introduced in that game so I expect potential awesomeness.

Anyway, the importing of this title will result in me purchasing a PS Vita … which I totally don’t mind since I wanted it for Super Stardust Delta anyway. It’s just that, back when SSD was out, it was the only game I really cared about.  And a single game usually doesn’t justify the purchase of an entirely new system.

Wow. I just completely went off-topic so quickly. XD

………… I just realized that the ads are kind of … not tailored to the topics that I usually write about. Oh well.

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