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Get paid doing surveys, searching, and other little things: My (2-day) impression

I opened up accounts with InboxDollars and ZoomBucks on Friday after doing some research on them. They ARE legit sites but don’t expect to rake in any sort of moola quickly — or do any sort of raking in, really — since it can take a while for cents or ZoomBucks to add up before you can cash out.

One of the biggest roadblocks to these two sites is the fact that I’m in Canada and 90% of the surveys I tried kicked me out after answering a few questions since I didn’t fit their “focus group” or that they already had enough people within the same demographics so they didn’t need any more opinions. I don’t have any idea if there are trends with these surveys where users can fudge their way through until the end. (You get squat for incomplete surveys.) I also don’t qualify for any of the “pay to read e-mails” stuff. I don’t really care though since I’ll probably end up cancelling the accounts in the near future.

I suppose one of the best ways get points and money is via referrals. I’m not about to plaster my referral link everywhere though.

For what it’s worth, ZoomBucks seems to provide more options to build up to rewards. I don’t think they ofter cash back like InboxDollars, but you can exchange your ZoomBucks for gift cards and such. It takes until about 550 ZBucks until you can really get anything but unless you’re one of the few that can actually succeed in completing surveys, you can only rely on tasks such as Web searches for specific sites and answering questions regarding the site, weeding through images and marking ones that do not adhere to certain criteria, or watching videos for piddly amounts of ZBucks. I thought that you could get some ‘Bucks from playing games since the heading is under Earn ZBucks menu option but I dunno if it applies for all games.

There are offers that provide more generous “payments” though. For example, signing up with Netflix will get you 323 ZBucks. Unfortunately, like Netflix, these sort of offers that provide healthy sums of ZBucks usually require some sort of credit card info.

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