The Last Story log #3

Note: Please DO NOT ask me about any how to’s, where to find this or that — basically, any guide-like questions — because I have a severely abysmal memory so chances are, I won’t be able to recall anything. ^^; Sorry.


Updates throughout the day. Story spoilers will be marked.

  • Uh … how the heck do I beat the wolves in the water cave thing? I thought a little bit of levelling would help but they scale with you. 9__9 (Edit: My bad. They remain at level 38 – 40 even after you level up past 40. ^^) Was using the Lapis Lazuli since it had the Star element that they were weak against but they only took 91 damage and hit Zael for 1000+. Tried to do Gathering Burst to see if that would help but nope. >:/  I wonder if I should try and upgrade some armor but the Gnome Silver is still rare. I competely suck at “flash” guarding so that’s out of the question. 😛
Zael's fan club
Zael’s fan club …. or maybe harem? XD
  • … Dear lord, I just realized that screencap makes it look like Zael is doing a strip tease. .___.;;; Anyway, I only managed to get three women so far but there’s another one for sure. I failed the last question with her so I gotta try that one again. :/ Ha. If you bump into them, they’ll applaud. >_> Oh yeah, my Zael is half naked because of the Dragon Armour (as mentioned in the previous log). In fact, here’s an image of the thing.
  • I do wonder if any of those sidequests are considered vital “alternate chapters”; like, they’re not a part of the main storyline BUT still required to do in order to progress. I consider any news that you receive that dictate that you HAVE to be somewhere as part of the main storyline and any hearsay or conversing with fretting NPCs that ask you to do something as sidequests. I do most of the latter types so I have no idea if I can simply ignore them and continue with the story. ^^
  • Incidentally, about topless Zael, I actually obtained the Outrageous Invisible Dye that can turn the bottom half of anyone’s outfit invisible too. I went ahead and tried it last night for fun but gave Zael’s pants back since I couldn’t take the game very seriously with him running around in boxers.Edit: All right, since a lot of people end up here looking for the Outrageous Invisible Dye, I will tell you how to get it. First off, find the Dye Maker in Artisan’s Way in Chapter 7. Here she is:
    The Last Story - Dye Maker
    She provides you with BOTH the Incredible Invisible Dye AND Outrageous Invisible Dye. However, they are 2 separate quests.

    According to the Wikia, you must do her first request for the Incredible Invisibility Dye before the other one becomes available. So get the Angel Threads for the woman. I believe she walks away after thanking Zael so leave Artisan’s Way for a while and then return. She should be at her spot again. I’m not sure if the quest for the Outrageous Invisible Dye is available right away or if you have to wait a few chapters. Regardless, the next quest she gives you involves a thief in a red cap. This side quest can be a pain since the kid runs really fast. However, don’t give up! Hmmm … I believe this is the one where, if you speak to people around town, they’ll point you in the direction of the thief so check with people for hints if you lose track of him.

  • .Wow. The random peddlers are suddenly selling Seedlings non-stop. I nabbed a few but I still want to get some more Quality Fertilizer before farming some more. I’m not sure if I mentioned it in the previous log but I ended up with some Miniature Pumpkins. However, that doesn’t help with the Banquet quest as the man is looking for an ordinary pumpkin. :/
  • Finished the arena battles 10 times. I think every-so-often you get a scene with Syrenne and Lowell outside of the Arena so that’s a nice treat. It’s certainly much better than the crap the spectators give you. :/ I must have a billion Gnome Coppers by now … and I no longer need them. >_> I suppose I should see how much I spend on low grade equipment upgrades and how much they sell for to see if it’s worth upgrading them for selling purposes. Speaking about materials, I really need more of those Dragon Scales or whatever to make the Dragon Greaves (I assume that’s what they’re called). I got nada so far after spending them all on the hideous Dragon Armour. 😛 (Edit: I think it’s Dragon Skin not Scales.)
  • Oh yeah, I ended up with 5 Noble Rings from either the Realm of Ascendancy or the Reptids-in-the-well quest from Horace. I didn’t bother to keep on fighting to see if I could get more since I loathed the battles with the Water Reptids. And the area where you get the option to grind was not a very fun place to be.
  • I wonder if I’ll get anything if I keep feeding almonds to the cat? ………… Maybe a fat cat? 😛

Updated the city map. As noted in my first post about The Last Story, the locations of the Sellers are random but they do seem to show up in fixed places. I haven’t bothered to mark down all the possible locations they pop up but if you buy from them a lot, you’ll kind of know where they are the moment you hear them shouting about their discount sales. Also, I’m not sure the quest in the Market is available before chapter 20 (might be a bit before or after that?). Same thing for the quest by the save point in the Artisan’s Way. Edit: I forgot that although Mini is always around, you can’t actually interact with her until you speak to Mina (I think) at some point.

Lazulis City up to Chapter 24
Not sure when a few things become available like the quests in the Market or Artisan’s Way (near save point).
  • Ah, do pay attention to the NPCs that say they need things because there’s a sequential sidequest that comes up that requires you to exchange an item you obtain from one NPC with another NPC. If I remember correctly, the final NPC won’t be available to you until you have access to the lift in the courtyard of the castle though. (Hint: He’s in the dungeons.)
  • There’s a kid on top of a building looking for “Mari” or whoever. You can access the roof he’s on if you follow a path that’ll lead you to a spot behind the building. There’s a ladder there. I’m making note of this because I was super blind and didn’t notice the damanble ladder until long after I had access to this “mini sidequest”.
  • Why do I always have to go through the road to get to the farming area? >_> Still no ordinary pumpkins. Got giant ones though. Growing some without fertilizer. Let’s see if I’ll get miniature or ordinary ones. Edit: Duh. Reloaded a save and got ordinary pumpkins instead. Hmph. So now, I used Quality Fertilizer for the next batch instead.
  • Dear God, I have no idea how to fight the cougars at the Mysterious Forest. I can’t even put a dent on the enemy healers either. It’s not like I’m underlevelled either. What weapon do I need for them? Hmm. :/
  • Hrrngh. Got a Dragon Skin from replaying the Haunted Mansion. Not sure I want to keep doing it though. At least I’m much better at aiming at the boss now. Edit: I take that back. I missed so many shots the second time around. XD
  • Wha–? Legendary Fertilizer? What does this produce? Legendary Pumpkins?? Edit: Oh, it just speeds up harvesting time. Derp.
  • I don’t get some people. I’m just standing around and then all of a sudden, I hear a “Uwuh-!” (I suppose it should be “Whoa!” but they never say that.) behind and there aren’t any apples on the ground that I know of. ^^;
  • Oh sweet bejeezus, I forgot that bringing Yurick to the Mysterious Forest was a very bad idea. Also, completely forgot how to fight the boss there. 😛 Oh, the rewards are kind of crap for the stupid battles I had to go through. Gonna do another mansion run and hope to get the last Dragon Skin required for the other part of the Dragon equipment set. Edit: WHAT THE HELL? This latest run in the mansion had ME doing all the dirty work. I must have hit the boss at least 40 times myself. I never issued any retreat warnings either because there was never any need to so I have no idea what the rest of the party was doing. Maybe not retreating was the issue? :/ Anyway, ended up with a Dragon Fang instead of a damn Skin. SIGH.
  • Currently alternating between goofy harem expansion and haunted mansion excursions.
  • I played the mansion enough to confirm that left chest in the graveyard always contains Sylph Bowstring x 2 and the one on the right is some sort of random equipment. The chest in the room before the boss fight has a Blighted Skull. (I still don’t have an Undead Edge to use this on. 😛 The Skulls are piling up now. ^^) The one inside the entrance hall is always a Dragon Fang or Dragon Skin. I FINALLY got the 5th Skin after reloading 3 times. 😛 Wow. Wasting Accelerate on the enemy in the graveyard makes the battle go so much faster. XD I’m gonna regret doing this come the next fight though.

Completed the Dragon set, I think … unless there’s a sword. Not about to do another few rounds of the mansion to get Skins any time soon so …

Dragon Armour and Dragon Greaves

Here’s the back of it: Buh. I may have messed with the colour of the armour a bit. Oh well.

  • Whoa. I think I went through all the opportunities to recruit women to the harem! Now the fortune teller’s sending me directly to the bar. Let’s see what’s up. 😀 Aw, doesn’t seem like there’s anything different. :/
Zael and the ladies
I’m disappointed that there’s a limit to the number of women Zael can woo. 😦
  • Ugh. Ashtar’s portrait looks creepy during conversations. ^^
  • Just did the Tower of Trials and coming out of it seemed to trigger a new sidequest that has you going back to it. Also just noticed the little things that you can do for the old guy at the South Gate Plaza and the archery guy.
  • What the? There are even less weapons to buy now. I guess you’re supposed to find most of them. XD
  • Someone in the Artisan’s Way can upgrade the suit of Knight Armor! :0
  • Damnation. Turns out that Sea Cave or whatever is a pretty sweet dungeon for Gnome Silvers. >_> … Except there’s a pack of fucking cougars in one of the later areas. I really can’t figure out how to fight them. How can enemies being 4 levels above make such a difference? I have to missing something. I’m gonna rack up a bunch of game overs cuz of this place. Hope that doesn’t have any horrible effect in any later part of the story. XD
  • Managed to take out all the enemies in the area by relying mostly on everyone else. I was guarding through 99% of the entire thing. ^^ Dagran’s Death Sentence worked well against the sorcerors and giant monsters. But alas, nothing worked well against the stupid cougars. Sigh. Also, I just realized some enemies are around 10 levels higher. ^^;  This battle must have lasted as least 10 minutes though. Geezus. AAAAH. There’s a chest in the area after with Gnome Silver x 4. GODDAMMIT.
  • I just realized that it’s been a while since I levelled up. ^^ A while as in hours. Finally continuing with the story. Now to see if there’s a decent summon point to grind at.

5 thoughts on “The Last Story log #3

  1. I would wait until you get a weapon that heals either when you attack or defend. It makes that cave a lot easier. To be warned the reward for doing that cave are materials to upgrade Calista’s special armour. This is only way to get materials to upgrade her dresses part certain point. However you only get 1 per play through so it’s actually easier to play and win VS online mode. Which is also where you get the fin extra special dyes. Co-op online you get fun weapons and then materials to upgrade them.

    There aren’t that many sidequests in the game. At least no huge lengthy ones. Most are just random events. These are ones I can remember for most part.

    There is boy with sick sister which is most difficult to do. Every time you get free time to walk around city check on them. They are on a road leading off from arena on far north of the city. Eventually you need to enter and exit the bar in order to trigger event for it. Have to be a knight though. It leads to huge gates so it’s a dead end.

    There is invisible dye one. First part is in the bar. The next part is in Artisan’s way where you chase after the thief.

    There are two fortune teller ones. A boy by the river will teach you to dive if you find frogs. Fortune teller tells you where they are. The other one is the fan club. Talk to fortune teller and she tells you about girl on bridge. If you want to speed run it I think if you enter and leave the bar you can ask again otherwise might have to leave the city.

    There is also lost cat sidequest. The boy is shouting cat’s name. Just go around till find a cat in one of the side streets and it will follow you.

    On the side streets there is a gang of kids who steal from you. Don’t know exactly where they turn up or how many times or even when in game.

    The Dragon Armour sidequest can only be completed at end of the game. As the items needed are fixed rewards. You can only get enough to make 1 set.

    When your swimming in river you can get to a ladder normally unreachable. The guy up there gives prizes for random stuff.

    The random item one. You have to give NPC items to help sort out whatever problem. There is a sweets girl (I think Artisans way), cook (by market) and crafter/merchant (by water fountain). These can be abandoned and redone. For pumpkin growing the quality of soil changes throughout the game. As pointed out you can abandon this particular side quest any time. You can do other ones he offers and then once you get an ordinary one go and accept side quest again and complete.

    In market is girl who helps at a stall. Just basically walk into market and talk to her and eventually she shows you her cat.

    Retired guard and guard by tower one. By one of the exits is a guy sitting down. If you talk to him he tells you about being a guard. His relative still is a guard in the castle. He is in courtyard guarding one of the large gates on lower level of courtyard. Talk to him and and at some point you go back to the retired one to get item to give to current guard.

    Throughout the game there is item trade one. It’s throughout the city and in the castle. The final one is in the castle dungeons. I think you have to do that before you attack enemy city.

    Girl working at cafe outside castle wants to punish rich girls sitting at a table. You use prank bananas on them.

    The final one is during attack on enemy city you don’t open chests. Zeal will say it’s an important item to someone or something like that. At the end of game you are asked to find them and then you go open them.

    There are side chapters within main story. Ones after Zeal is offered chance to be a knight. At end a good few more side chapters are available. You can also replay a lot of the dungeons but not sure if that counts as a side quest. Likewise with the arena.

    Note: Be warned at the end you won’t be able to swim in river so you can’t get random prizes from the guy or enter the cave located in river. Also the fortune teller I think vanishes at end too.

    As for random sounds most likely your hearing NPCs knock into each other.

    1. Aw man, I don’t plan on doing any online play since I’m so horrible at fighting. XD I’ll look into what equipment and weapons I have to deal with those wolves or cougars or whatever. What’s funny was that I thought such fights would be easier with a party but then I head to the Mysterious Island to take on the level 30 cougars and everyone ends up dying anyway. I don’t get those battles since no one can do much damage to any enemies.

      1. I was put off online VS till I heard you only need to get 2nd place (not last place) for the special dyes. I found difficulty to be really random. At first it was really easy but then found some battles really difficult. I would advise trying out the co-op for boss battles. You get character choice unlike game where your stuck with Zeal 99% of the time.

        I think that is partly to do with level. Cougars are a much higher level then everything else in that location. If having trouble taking them down might be to do with mages you have set. Can’t remember what element they are weak too. If I recall right the best way to defeat them is block a lot within a heal circle if you can then attack when they are open. Try to get them in a corner so less room for them to move about helps.

        1. Ergh. *Only* second place? ^^; I don’t think that’s possible for me. XD Also, the Cougars are weak to Star element but even with weapons with that, they still take piddly damage. They are quite puzzling monsters!

      2. If you find it that difficult to get 2nd place find some freinds that will help. Register FCs and then go into VS battle and they let you get 2nd place. I know I am tempted to do this if I could find some people to do so… Should work.

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